Zip Wires

Can you imagine being able to glide through the air from tree to tree, or even from your treehouse all the way down to the ground?

Expertly engineered:

Using the latest in engineering solutions, our individually designed Zip Wires will add an exciting dimension to any treetop adventure and allow you can take a truly adrenaline fuelled ride.

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Bespoke’ design:

Designed with excitement and safety in mind, we offer a number of launch and landing platforms to choose from and a range of disc seat or knotted rope options. These are coupled with heavy-duty Zip Line and an option of a trolley with brakes, which can only be moved when in use. All parts that we use are commercial standard approved.

DIY options:

Whether used as an extension to your treehouse design or as a stand alone project, we can also provide everything for a self-build or assisted build project, including 10mm galvanised steel prepared cable and pre-prepared timber kits for your launch platforms

Great ideas:

  • Double Zip Wires for Zip Wire ‘racing’.

  • Double height launch platforms for all ages.

  • Platforms can be further ‘dressed’ with Climbing Walls, Rope Ladders, Fireman’s Poles and Scramble Nets.

What Houzz® says…

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Zip Wire kit specifications:

Tree-to-tree webbing slings - 4 tonne safe working load

Green screw pin shackle - 4.75 tonne safe working load

24mm galvanised rigging screw - 2.2 tonnes safe working load

10mm galvanised steel 7/19 cable - minimum break load 64.1 kN

Cables ferruled with Talurit™ aluminium ferrules Manufactured by TALURIT™ to the highest EN13411-3 standard

Professional Zip trolley - breaking load: 15 kN, minimum working load: 6 kN

  • Features a new level of safety to zip lines with an elegant pivot locking mechanism. This system makes attaching participants to cable faster and easier. It also ensures that the pulley cannot detach from the line while it is loaded. Features efficient steel bearings for high-speed adventure and stainless steel sheaves for durability.

Commercial braked Zip Wire trolley

  • This Stainless Steel Zip Wire Trolley has been TUV tested to meet and exceed European Safety Standards.

  • The trolley has both an internal brake and integrated finger protection. The internal brake ensures that the trolley only moves when someone is sitting on the seat which is attached to the trolley via the multi angled double shackle.

Screw gate carabiner

  • Oval-shaped carabiner decreases the chances of cross loading the gate and distributes the load evenly making it ideal for use with Zip Wire Trolleys. Strong and versatile with an alloy steel body & screw-locking gate.

Zip Wire, rubber sleeve and chain

  • The ultimate zip wire seat!

  • The Zip Wire Rubber Seat can be used for domestic or commercial applications and offers superior comfort due to the rubber seat section and chain protector.

3m Brake Spring

  • Our 3m Stainless Steel Spring Brake is the ultimate in Zip Wire braking systems. The 3m Spring Brake offers a much more gentle end to the ride which is ideal for younger children or for faster rides.

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