This is the Environmental Policy Statement of Treehouse Life Ltd.

The policy reflects the company’s commitment to the environment and has been approved by our Board. The policy is communicated to all our employees, is displayed at all work locations and is made available through our website, to the public.



The aims of our policy are to:


  • Identify and minimise the risks to the environment from the company’s activities.
  • Comply with current environmental legislation and act in anticipation of future requirements.
  • Set targets to deliver continuous improvement in the management of environmental issues across the business.



To achieve these objectives the group is committed to seeking to:


  • Prevent pollution, reduce waste and ensure the efficient use of materials, energy and water.
  • Use sustainable, reusable or recyclable products.
  • Ensure that all wastes, particularly hazardous or contaminated wastes are tested, transported and disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner, in accordance with the statutory duty of care requirements.
  • Minimise noise levels, traffic movements, emission of pollutants and disturbance to the public and local ecosystems, and wildlife habitats and preserve heritage.
  • Review its activities and identify issues, which could have a significant impact on the environment.
  • Minimise risks of environmental incidents through the formulation and adoption of appropriate risk management procedures and, in conjunction with the appropriate authorities, maintain an emergency response capability to deal with accidental pollution.
  • Engage with our supply chain to ensure compliance with this policy.
  • Provide the necessary awareness and training to enable staff at all levels to understand and contribute to the implementation of this policy.
    Ensure each development has a robust plan in place for the management of waste, from inception through the duration of its construction.


This policy statement outlines the commitment of Treehouse Life to minimise the adverse environmental impact of our operations.


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