“Discovering a Magical Family Garden Treehouse for Enchanting Luxury Treehouse Adventures…

19 February 2024

Once upon a time, in a cozy little town adorned with twinkling lights and snow-covered roofs, there lived a family brimming with Christmas spirit. The air was filled with anticipation as Christmas Day approached, and the parents had a sparkling surprise up their sleeve. This year, they planned to gift their children the most enchanting Christmas present: a magical family garden treehouse for enchanting luxury treehouse adventures.

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Enchanting Luxury Treehouse Adventures…

1 February 2024

Discover unparalleled enchanting luxury Treehouse Adventures with Treehouse Life Ltd., the premier designer of bespoke Treehouses, Rope Bridges, and Treetop Walkways in Monaco and the Côte d’Azur. Elevate your family’s lifestyle with our custom, imaginative creations, designed to blend adventure with luxury for unforgettable experiences. Contact us to transform your home into a magical retreat.

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World-Class Rope Bridge Adventure – Dominican Republic…

29 January 2024

UK-based world-class specialist Rope Bridges company, Treehouse Life, has announced its latest venture: the installation of three state-of-the-art Rope Bridges. A groundbreaking project underway at a water park adventure park in Dominican Republic, marking a significant milestone in the global adventure park industry.

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Monaco Residents Magazine – Living in Monaco…

1 September 2022

For 20 years now, Sir Elton John’s favourite treehouse builder, Paul Cameron, owns the oldest established treehouse business operating worldwide. He brings joy to thousands of kids and their families through his functional and playful treehouses and helps real estate owners to increase the value of their properties

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Best Of Houzz award for Design and Customer Service on Houzz

31 January 2022

“Best of Houzz” – Treehouse Life Ltd. has won the “Best Of Houzz” award for Design and Customer Service on Houzz®, the leading platform for home renovation and design. Chosen by the 40 million monthly user homeowners that are the Houzz community and from among more than 2.5 million active home building, renovation and design industry professionals.

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I couldn’t be happier

24 October 2015

The swing is absolutely gorgeous, big enough for the whole family and we have spent the entire weekend in it, I couldn’t be happier

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Thanks for a great job!

24 August 2014

Supplied and installed a fabulous Rope Bridge to go over a pond. The client was so pleased that Paul was soon back to add a Zip Line!

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Wish we were young again!

23 September 2012

It makes us wish we were young again, The Tree House is a beautiful feature of the space and a magical place for our grandchildren to play

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A treehouse is an emotional space…”

2 August 2007

Financial Times Feature – “A treehouse is an emotional space, treehouses have transcended the elevated-shed stage and now explore their full scope as outside spaces for adults and children

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