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At Treehouse Life, we have over 20 years of experience in designing and building luxury Treehouses, Rope Bridges, and production experiences that inspire awe and excitement. We are not just a ‘design and build’ service; we are about changing lives and encouraging connection with the great outdoors. We strive to create experiences that stimulate the imagination and offer endless possibilities for storytelling and adventure.

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Creating Unique Set Pieces For TV, Film & Events

Step beyond the ordinary and bring your scripts to life with our bespoke Treehouses, Rope Bridges, and Treetop Walkways. These unique structures can serve as distinctive set pieces that add depth and visual intrigue to your production.

Imagine filming a high-stakes chase scene across our Rope Bridges or capturing a heartfelt conversation within the cozy interior of a custom treehouse. These unique settings can elevate the storytelling of your film or TV show, engaging your audience in a whole new way.

Photo: Hollyoaks CHANNEL 4 – Liverpool 2022

Unique Settings

Our treehouses and adventure experiences provide unique and captivating settings for your productions or events. Whether you’re filming a fantasy movie or planning an outdoor event, our products can help to create unforgettable experiences.

Custom Design

We offer a fully serviced, bespoke project management service, from initial consultation and design through to completion​​. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and deliver products that exceed their expectations.

Quality and Safety

All of our products are built by inspired craftsmen using the highest quality materials. We prioritise safety without compromising on the aesthetics and functionality of our products and work closely with production companies to ensure the highest standards are met.

Experience and Reputation

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have a proven track record of delivering world-class treehouses and adventure experiences. We are a multi-award-winning company recognised for our innovative designs and exceptional service

Paul is a consummate professional who's enthusiasm and excitement for building Treehouses and Rope Bridges is just infectious. The designs he has built are utterly amazing but always remain true to nature, the environment and of course the safety of the inhabitants.

Treehouse & Rope Bridge Design & Build - Surrey, UK

‘On-screen’ Treehouse Platforms for Connection and Intimacy

Each of our treehouse projects begins as an exciting idea, designed to spark imagination and create unique settings for your productions or events. We use only the highest quality materials, ensuring that our Treehouses are not only safe and functional but also visually stunning.

  • Take filming into the trees for a perfect shot
  • Keeping your scripts close to nature
  • A place to create on-screen drama and suspense


  • Adventure Films: Our treehouses and treetop walkways provide the perfect backdrop for thrilling chase scenes or a secret base in an action-packed adventure film.


  • Outdoor Reality Shows: From survival shows using our treehouses for shelter, to a competition series where our rope bridges are a part of an obstacle course, our structures add a unique dynamic to reality TV.


  • Documentaries: Our treehouses and treetop walkways can be featured in nature or environmental documentary series, providing a unique perspective on tree canopy ecosystems and wildlife.
  • Children’s TV: Our treehouses can serve as a fun and imaginative setting for children’s TV shows, creating a magical world that young viewers will love.


  • Period Dramas: With the right set decoration, our treehouses and rope bridges could be incorporated into period dramas, serving as a unique hideaway or a crossing in a historical setting.


  • Action Films: Re-create scenes similar to the famous Indiana Rope Bridge to emphasis action, adventure and suspense into any film.

Bring locations to life with Rope Bridges and Treetop Walkways

Our rope bridges and treetop walkways provide a unique way to explore and interact with the environment.

They can be used as a means of transport, an exciting element in a chase scene, or simply a beautiful backdrop. Each project is designed to be sensitive to its location and environment, creating a harmonious connection between our structures and the natural world​.

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Innovative Backdrops for Reality TV and Game Shows

Reality TV and game shows thrive on creating engaging and unpredictable environments for contestants.

Our structures offer a fresh and exciting dynamic to these shows. Whether it’s a survival-based competition that utilizes a Treehouse as a shelter or a game show that incorporates our treetop walkways and Rope Bridges as part of an obstacle course, our products can provide a unique twist to your show’s format. This can heighten viewer interest, ensuring that your audience remains hooked on every episode.



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Enhancing Outdoor Event Spaces

Our structures can be used to create innovative and memorable outdoor spaces for events. Whether it’s a movie premiere party in the heart of the woods or a television award show needing an unconventional red carpet entrance, our treehouses and treetop walkways can provide a unique and eye-catching solution.

These structures not only offer a unique experience for attendees but also create visually striking backdrops that can enhance the coverage and publicity of your event.

  • ‘Popup’ Rope Bridges for maximum engagement
  • ‘Popup’ Treehouses & multi-level platforms
  • Structures for themed events


The Treehouse is now a beautiful feature of the space as well as a magical place for our client's grandchildren to play, it makes us wish we were young again!

Treehouse Design & Build - Petersfield, Hampshire UK

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