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Crafting play for the imagination…

Treehouse Life transcends the ordinary by offering not just bespoke treehouse designs but a gateway to rekindle the spirit of outdoor adventures, particularly among children, plus for the whole family to play together.

At its core, Treehouse Life aims to detach the modern family from the clutches of technology and reintegrate them with the joy and simplicity of nature.

We believe in creating imaginative spaces for what we call slow-play where the whole family have both time and space to discover how to imagine and play together.

“…our holistic approach underscores a commitment to delivering quality and durability, establishing our role not only as exceptional craftsmen but as custodians of childhood joy and tradition.”

…with adventure, make-believe, fantasy and fun.

Treehouse play-scapes for cherished memories…

Having already brought the joy of a Treehouse life to countless clients around the world – including a host of celebrity parents, such as Gary Barlow and Elton John, plus projects worldwide in US, Canada, Ireland, Portugal, Ibiza, Italy, Côte d’Azur, Azerbaijan, Qatar and India, we continue to foster childhood independence, curiosity and a love for slow-play learning.

  • Hands-on discovery journeys
  • Experimental ‘adventure‘ learning
  • Multi-age play and pretend

Treehouse Life are excited to work with you to design for collaborative play, independence and an appreciation for nature.

“…treehouses are a pretend grown-up world for kids to explore, discover, and learn at their own pace…with their parents too.”

…designed and built by Treehouse Life.





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Unforgettable play journeys and playscapes…

Using our wow-factor Treehouse Life signature Rope Bridge products inspired by a magical twist, our experienced and brilliant teams work hard to design and build your dream, whether that might be clambering up into an adventure treehouse playscape or entering a 5-star resort spa.

“…for everyone who has ever dreamt of being a hero in their own thrilling world, an adventure Treehouse Life Rope Bridge is simply perfect for you.”

Treehouse Life are the most awarded and longest standing treehouse company in the UK. As finalists in the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards we are recognised worldwide as leaders in adventure, imagination, and family joy.

“…whether it’s ‘playtime’ or ‘relaxation’ time you’re after, we have the Treehouse design, Rope Bridge build knowledge and know-how to help you achieve your playscape dreams at a sensible budget.”

…that are safe, soft, silent and slow.

Creating the longest and highest treetop canopy walkways…

It’s what we call sky-walking, for exploring, dreaming, relaxing, sitting and laying down. A Treetop Walkway gives you a whole new perspective and a wonderful sense of freedom.

Our normal, everyday view of trees is always from the ground looking up. Taking you right up into the tree canopy itself and allowing you to rekindle and reconnect with those favourite childhood memories of climbing trees. Whether it’s playtime or relaxation time you’re after, we have the Treetop Walkway design, build knowledge and know-how to help you achieve your playscape dreams at a sensible budget.

We design and build Treetop Walkways in unique and spectacular woodland settings, high up within the treetop canopies where the leaves and your fingers can reach out and touch the sky. They offer a chance to stretch your legs high up above the ground and see the world from a different viewpoint.

“…treetop walkways are for kids, a pretend grown-up world to explore, discover, and learn at their own pace.”

…for a magical treetop walkway experience.

The finish is like something straight out of a
fairytale and looks absolutely STUNNING.

Private Family Garden

Treehouse Design & Build UK - Box Hill, Surrey

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  • Dedicated design and installation team
  • Endless possibilities & imagination delivered

…even without a tree

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