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At Treehouse Life, we are not just designers; we are creators of unforgettable experiences, providing unique offerings that enhance the value of luxury resorts across the globe. With over 20 years of experience pioneering Treehouses and Rope Bridges, our multi-award-winning team can help your resort stand out with world-class Treehouse, Rope Bridge, and Treetop Walkway adventures






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Elevate Your Resort & Location Experience

Our expert team works closely with resorts to design and build bespoke treehouse experiences tailored to your specific needs and desires, ensuring that every project is sensitive to its location and surrounding environment​.

Whether it’s an aerial canopy Treetop Walkway or a collection of stunning Rope Bridges for woodland relaxation, we have the capacity to transform your resort into a unique destination.

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Unique Guest Experiences

Treehouse Life’s bespoke luxury accommodation Treehouses and Studios are world-class unique experiences for guests, setting your resort apart from competitors.

Increased Brand Value and Customer Loyalty

By providing high-impact guest experiences, resorts can increase their brand value and elevate greater customer loyalty. Our unique experiences can leave a lasting impression on guests, encouraging repeat visits, positive word-of-mouth and the best Instagram shot.

Connection with Nature

Our heritage and designs focus are based on reconnecting people with the magic of nature. By adding our experiences to your resort, you can promote a healthier and more mindful experience for your guests, who can relax, unwind, and engage with the surrounding natural environment.

Quality Craftsmanship

With their commitment to using only the highest quality materials and their attention to detail, our team ensures that each project is a testament to quality craftsmanship. This commitment to quality can enhance the overall luxury appeal of your resort.

Additional Revenue

Our unique, high-attraction experiences not only enhance the aesthetic and experiential value of your resort but also new drive revenue opportunities. Our unique experiences are proven to attract and retain guests, offering a distinct competitive advantage and a fast return on investment.

Full Project Management

Treehouse Life offers a fully serviced, bespoke project management service, from initial consultation and design through to completion – anywhere in the world. This ensures a seamless process for your resort, saving you time and effort in coordinating the project, while also ensuring the final product meets your specific needs and expectations​.

It looks wonderful, it is very well built, and has already been a fantastic hit with our visitors aged 2 to 96yrs! We would not hesitate in working with Treehouse Life again and wholeheartedly recommending their services.

Rope Bridge Design & Build - Commercial Client, UK

Creating Unforgettable Memories

We understand the desire of luxury resorts to offer magical adventures and unique experiences to their guests.

Our experiences are designed to create spaces for guests to relax, unwind, and engage in imagination while reconnecting with nature.

  • Luxury Rope Bridges that lead to spectacular locations
  • Treehouse stays and studios for the ultimate relaxation
  • Skyscape and Treetop Walkways to stand high above your resort


  • Safari Lodges: Amplify the thrill of the safari experience with our treehouse accommodations, offering a closer and safer encounter with wildlife.


  • Mountain Retreats: Our experiences can perfectly blend with the natural beauty of the mountains, offering your guests the thrill of high-altitude adventures with rope bridges and treetop walkways.


  • Beachfront Resorts: Enhance your oceanfront properties with stunning treehouses and treetop walkways that provide guests with panoramic sea views and a unique beach experience.
  • Island Resorts: Combining amazing tropical surroundings to create experiences that allow guests to connect with nature while enjoying the luxury of your resort.


  • Vineyard Estates: Extend the luxury of your vineyard estate into the outdoors with bespoke experiences, making your location an unforgettable destination for every guest and visit.


  • Luxury Urban Hotels: Even in the heart of a bustling city, our luxury experiences can offer an oasis of tranquility and a unique view, taking advantage of rooftop spaces or penthouse locations.

Unleashing Luxury in the Heart of Nature

With Treehouse Life, you get the unique opportunity to intertwine luxury with the magic of nature, providing your guests with an experience that is as indulgent as it is authentic. We focus on enhancing the natural beauty of your resort location, creating experiences that not only blend seamlessly with their surroundings but also provide an elevated perspective of the landscape.

Imagine your guests waking up to the sound of birds chirping or winding down with a stunning sunset view from the comfort of a beautifully designed treehouse. This fusion of luxury and nature can become the defining element of your resort, setting it apart from the rest.


Establishing a Sustainable Connection

We are deeply committed to sustainable creations. We believe in creating experiences that respect and enhance their natural surroundings. We work with resorts to take a step towards responsible luxury.

Our Treehouses Stay, Rope Bridges, and Treetop Walkways are built using environmentally friendly materials, ensuring that while your guests enjoy their stay, the environment remains unharmed.

By integrating nature into the core of your luxury offerings, you promote awareness and appreciation of the environment among your guests. This commitment to sustainability not only caters to the growing demand for eco-friendly travel but also enhances your brand image as a responsible and forward-thinking resort.

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Your Perfect Resort Partner

With our ‘WOW’ factor signature experiences, we bring endless possibilities to your resort, delivering experiences that increase brand values, engagement, and customer loyalty.

We partner with resorts across the world to develop several stages of experiential development that continue to enhance the offering of each location over a number of years.

Outstanding service from Treehouse Life with an outcome of the most amazing adventure area for the kids. The children are so happy with the play area, when they can persuade the adults to leave it alone...great job!

Aerial Play Design & Build - CFO, Kurt Geiger, UK

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