Where it began…

Back in 2002, Paul Cameron was keen to encourage adventurous ideas and a passion for imagination in his own two young boys. He started researching what treehouses were available on the market, and, after a little research, soon came to realise that they really only came in two types – pre-fabricated playground schemes or the incredibly expensive, cubby-house in a tree, offering nothing more than just a place to sit.

Unhappy with either of these two scenarios, Paul decided the quickest solution was simply to design a treehouse for his children himself. But this time he wanted to break the mould, building a treehouse that represented a child’s view of childhood, not an adult’s view of what they thought it should be.

It was off the back of this very first treehouse design and build that Paul formed Treehouse Life in January 2002. And the rest, as they say, is treehouse history!

Understanding that the key to the success of Treehouse Life would be the people who drove each treehouse design and build project forward, Paul quickly brought together an experienced team – individuals who not only shared his creative vision, instincts and passion for the business, but also brought a wide range of highly specialised skills to the table, including engineering, tree surgery, carpentry and joinery.

Over the course of the last 20 years, Treehouse Life has continued to evolve and grow as a leading treehouse designer and builder across the United Kingdom, United States and Europe. We have continually pushed forward with new ideas and innovations. We have gone where no other treehouse building and design company has gone before.

Now a marketplace leader with our unforgettable designs, Treehouse Life’s treehouses have become ‘A-list’ photographic ‘models’, featured regularly on television, as well as in numerous leading newspapers and glossy magazines.


Meet our team...

Paul Cameron

Founder & CEO / Co-Owner

Drummer, father and treehouse/rope bridges pioneer, founder of Treehouse Life with a naturally entrepreneurial passion for being both niche and world-class.

Karlis Ozolins

Commercial Director / Co-Owner

A dedicated father and passionate business owner with many years of experience developing exceptional businesses. Loves hiking, the outdoors and music (once a DJ & Producer).

Charlie Cameron

Operations Director

Highly experienced carpenter and joiner, tree climber and aerial rescue plus qualified outdoors first aider, loves outdoors sport including shooting and fly fishing.

George Harrison

Head Carpenter

Highly experienced carpenter, pool champion. Happiest out-going people person and makes us all smile all day.

James Rabbetts


Experienced landscaper, owner of record label and events company, experienced DJ performer and loves rock climbing.

Paddy Lynch


Qualified Life Safer, open water rescue, parcour coach and Weber cookery school graduate.

“Having already brought the joy of a ‘Treehouse’ life to countless clients around the world - including a host of celebrity parents, such as Gary Barlow, Harry Kane and Elton John - at Treehouse Life we continue to help adults tap into their inner-child and let them give their own children the sort of childhood they had always dreamt of having”

- Paul Cameron, Founder

Our brand values…

We create…

“At Treehouse Life, we embed our brand values in everything we design and create ”

We offer the chance to discover new lands within your own world – from dressing up and ‘let’s pretend’ to relaxing and enjoying every free minute you have. This is what we do. We offer a chance to live a ‘Treehouse’ life.

It is certainly true that a treehouse would not be considered one of life’s ‘must have’ necessities, but maybe that is where its real appeal lies.

On one hand, a treehouse is undoubtedly a luxury; a beautiful gift for those you love, or even a present to yourself, so you can indulge your every whim. On the other hand, a treehouse build, design or project is all about getting back to basics.


Treehouse Life represents breaking free from an age of progress and technology. It is an important reminder to appreciate everything in your life that really makes you happy, instead of wasting your time, energy and money on those ‘things’ that you think should make you happy.

For some, a treehouse means that ideal place for the kids to stretch their legs and let off some steam during the day. For others, it also offers a perfect ‘adult’ escape in which to chill out, unwind and entertain friends under the stars at night.

“At Treehouse Life we build and design treehouses for everyone and for every occasion “

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Nothing beats good old-fashioned, hands-on experience when it comes to the treehouse building business, so with more than 20 years under our tool belt, Treehouse Life certainly knows more about it than most.

Some of our latest projects have been a testament to the importance of experience, including building the two longest Rope Bridges in the UK, working on the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust ‘Wild-Walk’ visitor attraction at London Wetlands Centre, completing two projects for the National Trust, and pushing our imagination to the limits at an Adventure Park project for the largest resort in Qatar, in the Middle East. Experience also brings with it a greater sense of understanding and trust, both traits that are highly valued by our clients including ground-breaking projects for hotels and resorts, schools, commercial Adventure Parks and particularly the case when being commissioned to complete projects for our Private Clients Elton John, Gary Barlow and Harry Kane.

Design & Build…

Treehouse Life Ltd. is a “small business with a global niche”. We design and build bespoke treehouses for clients across the UK and all around the world – from private gardens and country estates to landscapers, architects and school playgrounds, then fabulous hotels and far-flung resorts.

Drawing on our extensive experience, our design process will always take into account a treehouse build and design project in its entirety. In other words, we instinctively know how a project will eventually look and feel within the location and how it will blend seamlessly with its surroundings. At the initial on-site consultation, our most important job is always to listen to a client’s wish list – no plans for a treehouse ever comes without exciting hopes and childhood dreams!

Creativity is our speciality, so we are here to help guide clients step-by-step, suggesting ideas and working together to decide upon a design that is fulfilling expectations, yet still logistically possible and within budget.

With our bespoke and custom treehouse build and rope bridge projects, most of the build is carried out on-site. This allows us to achieve that look and feel of ‘belonging’, as though the treehouse has always lived and been loved in that exact location. A completed project should always be ‘at one’ with the natural surroundings, not jarring with them. It certainly should never look like a pre-fabricated, flat-pack, brochure kit that has just been plonked down!


Some might say that Paul Cameron, Founder and CEO of Treehouse Life Ltd., is something of a guru in the treehouse build world. He’s certainly a pioneer for luxury garden treehouses and woodland adventures. Much like Peter Pan, there seems to be very little he doesn’t understand about childhood fun, or about pushing the boundaries of the imagination and attempting the seemingly impossible.

This combination of design flair and experience, along with the support of an incredible, highly dedicated team, has allowed Treehouse Life to continually deliver their ‘Wow-Factor’ signature products – from bespoke luxury garden treehouse builds and breathtaking Tree-Top Walkway designs, to Nest Swings, Rope Bridges and so much more. It is this creativity that makes Treehouse Life “…a world away from everyday

World Class…

Everyday, our experienced teams at Treehouse Life are designing, building and servicing our luxury garden treehouse builds in all manner of far-flung locations and fabulous settings around the world including Qatar, Portugal, Ibiza, Cyprus, Italy, Canada, USA, Seychelles, Azerbaijan, Hawaii and Singapore. Every member of our team is passionate about what they do; they are all familiar with our adventurous and extreme projects, as well as working with planned budgets.

We know what we are doing and have experienced all contingencies before. But regardless of whether we are working for a private client at home or a large organisation overseas, we will always guarantee the same thing: experienced solutions for all your wishes, exacting attention to detail and world-class bespoke products that bring a magical ‘Wow-Factor’, wherever it might be.


Our aim at Treehouse Life is to transform and connect outdoor spaces so that they blend seamlessly with the environment around them. Subtle in their design and empathetic to the surroundings, yet still exciting enough to encourage the sort of magical adventures that makes beautiful play happen. Using our ‘Wow-Factor’ signature products, our experienced and brilliant teams work hard to design and build their client’s dream, whether that might be clambering up into a castle, racing through the treetops or simply relaxing on a knotted rope swing.

All our experience spaces engage the senses and imagination of the young and create a fully ‘natural’ whole family play time feel. Whether it’s ‘playtime’ or ‘relaxation’ time you’re after, we have the knowledge and the know-how to help you achieve your dreams at a sensible budget.

Why Choose Us…

Treehouse Life offers so much more than just a ‘treehouse design and build’ service. We are about changing lives and encouraging children (and big kids too) to move away from technology and reconnect with the great outdoors. To run, chase, climb, swing, slide, relax, imagine and dream. To embrace life everyday with laughter and imaginative play – rosy cheeks and dirty knees included.

So with this in mind, Treehouse Life delivers a unique and natural experience: bespoke luxury garden treehouses and adventurous outdoor play that builds a sense of shared ‘ownership’ for children, parents and grandparents. It is a place that will encourage families to come together and create those special, unforgettable moments that memories are made from. It is a chance to experience a ‘treehouse’ life, through each and every season, year after year.

But we are so much more than just creativity and dreams. With 20-years luxury treehouse design, knowledge and experience under our belt, we understand your wishes and will deliver a unique and quality product to suit your needs.

We are a safe pair of hands. As our structures are designed to last for many years (and future generations) to come, we also provide a full servicing solution and would recommend that Treehouse Life Ltd. undertake and/or manage an annual servicing schedule.

Guarantees & Service…

We understand that commissioning any project with Treehouse Life is a big decision for you to take, both practically and emotionally – and of course financially too. It is therefore very important to us that every client begins the process having complete confidence in our team, our product and our service.

  • We can provide a full Installation Services Terms and Conditions as a PDF for your consideration and signature upon order. This is a ‘normal’ and ‘standard’ paperwork available at any time.
  • We have Employers, Public Liability and Product Insurance and we can provide copies of certificates and written details of cover.
  • We are fully qualified and certificated with all tree-climbing work, also fully certified with ITC Awarded 16-hours Outdoors First Aid Course.
  • We are delighted to provide, as part of your paperwork, written details of the producer guarantees regarding the pressure treatment and all certifications regarding the provenance of all timbers from environmentally and sustainably managed forests. All our timbers have FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certification promoting the responsible management of forests worldwide.

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