Set against the stunning backdrop of Lake Como, a vision from a Monaco-based client catalysed the idea of a bespoke Rope Bridge Installation. Aimed at enhancing his villa and blending seamlessly with the canyon, waterfall, and river nearby, this concept took shape following an inquiry on our website. Consequently, we embarked on a journey towards a detailed consultation, gathering at the breakfast table to explore the possibilities of this remarkable project.

Consultation and Design Phase

Initially, our adventure commenced with a direct consultation, which was crucial for grasping the client’s vision and the intricate demands of the project. Subsequently, our team embarked on the design phase, crafting a comprehensive Design Load Analysis and employing cutting-edge 3D mapping technology. As a result, this approach enabled us to generate precise 3D model drawings, incorporating scans of the canyon landscape. Therefore, our client received an impeccable visualisation of how the bespoke Rope Bridge installation would integrate with its natural surroundings.

Pre-Production and Logistics

Furthermore, in the pre-production stage, our skilled artisans in Surrey Hills, UK, diligently prepared all necessary materials. Then, we meticulously packed these components and navigated through France and Switzerland to Lake Como, ready for assembly. This logistical journey underscored our unwavering dedication to precision and excellence at every phase of the project.

Installation Process

Moreover, led by Charlie, our Operations Director, a proficient team of five undertook the bridge’s assembly. This phase required establishing access and suspension points, and the team carefully pieced together the Rope Bridge by hand over the canyon. Additionally, employing climbing gear and harnesses for work at elevated heights was critical in overcoming the geographical challenges, ensuring the project’s safe and efficient completion.

Project Outcome

Finally, the bespoke Rope Bridge installation now stands as a testament to bespoke design and engineering, offering unparalleled views and an adventure unlike any other at Lake Como. The project’s successful completion brought immense acclaim from our UHNW client, whose satisfaction was evident. Moreover, this success has laid the groundwork for future collaborations, including a magical lakeside treehouse for his children, thereby strengthening our bond with the client.


In conclusion, this Rope Bridge project at Lake Como serves as a testament to our capacity to realise ambitious visions, drawing upon two decades of experience in Rope Bridge construction. Not only did the project impress the client and his family, but it also introduced a new point of interest on Lake Como, reflecting our commitment to bespoke solutions and superior project management.

The completion of the Rope Bridge at my Lake Como villa surpassed all my expectations, offering not just a structure, but a breathtaking adventure that perfectly blends with the natural beauty of the surroundings. The dedication and expertise of the team transformed my vision into reality, making this project a landmark achievement. I’m immensely satisfied and look forward to our next venture together.

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