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Delivering passion, imagination and creativity that turns your wish-list into something that has wow-factor.


Suspended Rope Bridges

Long span across rivers, canyons and ravines

Longer span Rope Bridges can be anchored across rivers, lakes and even canyons. Perfect for going tree-to-tree in woodlands, for Tree-Top Walkways and for adding that extra air of excitement in gardens, woodlands, resorts and adventure parks.


“We are very pleased with the efficient quality service.”

Studio RHE Architects, London, UK >

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Fixed Beam Rope Bridges

Short span for treehouses, platforms and decks

Short span Rope Bridges are perfect for treehouses and the ideal go-between when adding platforms or play ‘islands’. Adds real adventure and fantasy plus a playful connection to our whole world of play.


“Wholeheartedly recommending their services.”

Sheffield Park & Garden, National Trust, Sussex, UK >

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Log Rope Bridges

For 'WOW' factor treehouse entrances

Our Log Rope Bridges are a perfect solution where a treehouse adventure starts from the lawn or woodland floor, leading upwards to a treehouse or platform. Our Log Rope Bridges make an awesome treehouse or platform entrance.


“Years of fun to be had with this stunning Rope Bridge.”

Marcus Rennie, Crail, Scotland, UK >

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More about Suspended Rope Bridges…

Suspended Rope Bridges can offer a perfect solution when looking to cross over large areas, such as rivers, lakes, ponds and even canyons. They also provide an exciting and flexible design option in Adventure Parks.

We work from anchor points established at each end, using either a zero-impact certified and proprietary ground buried anchor system or suitable ground buried concrete ‘pads’ with integrated structural anchor plates, that are designed and fabricated at our workshop. Typically, if suitable trees are available, we can ‘anchor’ to trees at each end of the Rope Bridge using tree-friendly webbing slings or rope soft-shackles.

“Suspended Rope Bridges are perfect across rivers, lakes and canyons”

Suspended Rope Bridges...

Delivering passion, imagination and creativity that turns your wish-list into something that has wow-factor.

River Rope Bridge

Tree-to-tree, Hawaii

In every project, the anchor points can always run longer than the actual Rope Bridge span, allowing us to also integrate ground-based deck platforms (with balustrades if necessary) at each end. This not only creates a truly impressive looking ‘start’ and ‘finish’ to the Rope Bridge, it also helps us to negotiate the height of the Rope Bridge above water, should there be any relevant issues with flood forecasts.

The most common lengths of Rope Bridges we have installed has been anywhere from 5m up to 45m. But if you’re thinking of something on a grander scale, that’s not a problem at all.

Adventure Park Rope Bridge

Steel-to-steel, Qatar

As ever, with Rope Bridge design and build, the key to structural integrity and design success is very much down to the lay of the land at the proposed location. While we can initially work from location photos to advise and consult regarding your Rope Bridge options, we do offer an on-site visit consultancy so that we can to discuss all opportunities.

Structurally, suspended Rope Bridges work from anchor-to-anchor using structural steel cables or ropes with all elements suspended inbound on the structural lines, including the round timber uprights at each end that are required for the rope-work balustrades.

Private Client Rope Bridge

Ground anchor-to-ground anchor, Utah

We have designed and installed 45m long Rope Bridges that span across rivers and canyons, and on one project, even installed a Rope Bridge directly into granite boulders when the availability of ground anchors or nearby trees was not an option. Whatever your wish our teams at Treehouse Life will always look for a way to make it work.

This is what we call a ‘floating Rope Bridge’ solution, which allows us to work with our own Rope Bridge system in many unique and incredible locations both throughout the UK and around the world.

More about Fixed Beam Rope Bridges…

Our fixed-beam Rope Bridges are a perfect design solution to reach a treehouse or link up multiple platforms or decks. The purpose of the integrated fixed-beam is simply to hold the two ends apart; it typically sits at half-height within the rope balustrades, but can also sit lower or even closer to the upper ‘hand-rail‘.

On this particular Rope Bridge design and installation solution, because the ‘stress-and-strain‘ between the two fixed points is taken up by the fixed-beam, we support the timber walkway treads underneath with ropes that are fixed at each end to a round timber beam.

“Fixed-beam Rope Bridges have an end-to-end beam through the rope balustrades ”

Fixed-Beam Rope Bridges...

Delivering passion, imagination and creativity that turns your wish-list into something that has wow-factor.

Family Garden Fixed-Beam Rope Bridge

Treehouse project, Surrey, UK

Structurally perfect and beautiful in design, Fixed-Beam Rope Bridges for treehouses, platforms and decks can add a whole other dimension of fantasy and imaginative play.

With the bridge always sitting level end-to-end, it is possible for us to increase (or decrease) the overall height by installing an additional step up and/or down at either end (usually 300mm).

Adventure Park Fixed-Beam Rope Bridge

Nature Park, India

Overall, the structural integrity is always going to be heavily dependent upon what is available at each end of the bridge - so our advice (based on years of experience) would always be for a Rope Bridge to be integral to an overall design rather than being an add-on after everything else has been built.

Include some Climbing Walls, Zip Wires and Fireman's Poles as part of your child’s treehouse world and you will create the ultimate adventure and fantasy land and a playful connection to a whole world of possibilities - the perfect setup for every family back garden or school playground.

Visitor Attraction Fixed-Beam Rope Bridge

National Trust, UK

Although this is a fully integrated Rope Bridge design and installation, there is however a limit to the distance the bridge can actually cover. This is determined by the length of the actual fixed- beams we use; a 3m span or less works perfectly, although there are some other excellent options if a span of up to 6m long is required.

More about Log Rope Bridges…

Our Log Rope Bridges are a perfect solution for every magical journey, starting each new treehouse adventure right from the middle of the lawn or woodland floor, and leading it all the way upwards to a treehouse or platform.

“Log Rope Bridges are the perfect solution whenever or wherever you need a change of height”

Log Rope Bridges...

Delivering passion, imagination and creativity that turns your wish-list into something that has wow-factor.

Private Garden Log Rope Bridge

Family Treehouse Project, Preston, UK

What better entrance could there be, than feeling those butterflies of excitement and the rush of make-believe from the moment you place your foot on that very first log and then cross the Rope Bridge into a faraway kingdom or land.

When incorporating a change in height into our designs, using flat Rope Bridge ‘slats’ simply wouldn’t do the job; too much of a gradient and the bridge would literally turn into a slide! The answer is in the use of round timber logs set inbound on ropes or steel cables, providing the intrepid climber with suitable ‘steps’ whilst they hold onto the rope balustrades.

Award Winning Project

Barnes Walker Landscape Architect, UK

Although creating that initial ‘wow factor’ entrance is a ‘must do’ for any Landscape Designer, it is often overlooked.

The route up and into a treehouse needs to be exciting and imaginative and very much a part of the play journey itself and this is where the magic begins. Log Rope Bridges offer that perfect - not to mention most adventurous - entrance to any garden or backyard treehouse play-set or platform decks.

Private Client Log Rope Bridge

Marbella, Spain

Typically, with Rope Bridges up to approximately 4.8m in length (which is ideal for a Rope Bridge entrance), we integrate a fixed-beam into the Rope Bridge to hold the two ends apart.

Sweeping up from the garden lawn, not only do they look stunning in design, they can be far more fun than conventional steps.

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