A Treetop Walkway gives you a whole new perspective
and a wonderful sense of freedom.

Taking you right up into the tree canopy itself, allowing you to rekindle and reconnect

with those favourite childhood memories of climbing trees.


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tree canopy walkway

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Woodland Treetop Walkways…

We design and build Treetop Walkways in unique and spectacular woodland settings, high up within the treetop canopies where the leaves and your fingers can reach out and touch the sky. They offer a chance to stretch your legs high up above the ground and see the world from a different viewpoint.

Treetop Walkways aren’t just for walking. They’re also for exploring, dreaming, relaxing, sitting and even laying down and looking up – all the while safely encased within a huge ‘hammock‘ style, passive walkway tree-to-tree Tree-canopy Walkway, Tree Hammock, Hammock Bridge and Treetop Trail experience.

“A magical illusion from start to finish, and one that creates the ultimate ‘no noise’ experience that lends itself to the surroundings – soft, silent, safe and slow.”

With years of experience delivering projects packed with a passion for make-believe, fantasy, adventure and fun – not to mention plenty of ‘wow-factor‘, our Treetop Walkways are certainly designed to capture the imagination and appeal to every ‘inner’ child.

Treetop Walkways are a peaceful, fully immersive leisure activity designed in and around a woodland setting. They promise fresh air, exercise and imaginative outdoor adventures for explorers of all ages, to be enjoyed throughout the changing colours of every season. A Treetop Walkway offers a wonderful opportunity to set off on a walking journey that takes you high up off the ground and into a secret world hidden within the tree canopies. It’s a chance to observe and interact with the birds and woodland fauna.

It enables you to walk, feel, sit and take it all in, or simply lie back, look up and dream. What better way could there be to gain a greater appreciation of nature than from such an amazing and unique viewpoint amongst the leaves?

With no big structure or ‘stilts‘ required, and a black or hemp coloured safety (plus fall-arrest certificated) netting that gets ‘lost‘ against the woodland background – and so becomes seemingly ‘invisible‘ – the whole walkway experience appears ‘see-through‘. It’s as if people are walking ‘on-air‘ and free-floating between the trees.

Made using the highest quality materials and built by inspired craftsmanship, a Treetop Walkway creation is always sensitive to its location, creating zero impact and blending in seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

Treetop Walkways are certainly NOT an active, high adrenaline system such as ‘Go Ape‘ or a high ropes course. They are designed and intended as an educational and leisure experience to be used by adults and supervised children within the tree canopy habitat, as well as educational groups under supervision. That being said, a Treetop Walkway does not require any specific instruction other than safety guidance and the requirement of supervision of children at all times.

You can get a squirrel’s eye view of south-east England as you clamber along the UK’s longest and highest treetop walkway.

Simon Calder, The Independent

Treetop Walkway Design & Build

Big Chunky 4-sided Rope Ladder

The essential add-on

A Big Chunky 4-sided Rope Ladder provides an entrance and exit from the ground and up into the suspended Treetop Walkway. With a suspended Rope Ladder on four-sides, you step inside at ground level and climb on all four-sides, spiralling upwards with your hands gripping the ‘soft-to-the-touch‘ chunky hand-ropes.

We also set little suspended platforms into the Rope Ladder to stand or sit, particularly if there is a group of kids playing together. Also, as a safety feature and to help all ages of children feel super-safe.

The whole Big Chunky 4-sided Rope Ladder has plenty of room for grown-ups too, with an access point at ground level and plenty of climbing space.

We are absolutely delighted with it and the children are playing on it for hours every day

Graham Cambell, Buckinghamshire, UK

Treetop Adventure Trails

High-level experience

Adventure trails are suspended high up in the trees to create a free-flowing experience through several trees and a woodland experience. Perfect for woodland settings, family resorts, adventure parks and commercial experiences.

The team on site were excellent and their attention to detail and skills has helped to design and build a truly unique and magical facility

Andrew Laidler, Hayden Bridge, Northumberland, UK

Tree Canopy Hammocks

Suspended relaxation and fun

A ‘V’shaped Treetop Walkway or ‘hammock bridge’ is suspended tree-to-tree, floating seamlessly on structural steel cables within the garden woodland and reaching high into the tree canopy.

We call it a ‘hammock bridge’ because it’s rather like a huge hammock – you can sit, lay back and relax high in the tree canopy!

We are thrilled with the result. Totally engaging for both children and adults alike

Briony Markham, Buckinghamshire, UK

Suspended Deck Platforms

Linking walkways mid-air

Floating Tree Deck – The Treetop Walkway ‘journey’ brings you to a suspended ‘free-floating’ tree deck, complete with safety balustrade, wrapping around two trees.

Our ‘signature’ approach is to not screw, bolt or nail directly into the tree itself – so it is suspended from high above by structural steel cables and anchored to the tree by squeezing two large beams around both trees.

We are 100% happy with our Tree Top Walkway and Zip Wire and would definitely recommend Treehouse Life

Springwell Infant School, Hounslow, UK

Safety is at the heart of everything we do…

The Treetop Walkway has been designed with consideration for the size and the body weight of all family participants, and from initial entry at ground level to high up in the trees, users are surrounded within safety netting at all times.

“Safe area for our grandchildren to play in and explore”

Alison Greenaway, West Sussex, UK

Any moving parts have been designed to limit or eliminate the risk of any injury and there are no sharp edges to hurt fingers or toes.

It is certainly not possible to undo any critical components without the aid of a tool.

The free space does not contain any unprotected obstacles that a person manoeuvring or falling might crash into, other than the constituent parts of the Treetop Walkway or the natural state of the surrounding woodland.

The Treehouse Life team will meet all of your needs in a professional and responsive manner throughout the design and build stage.

We will help bring your Treetop Walkway dream to life and ensure that the very highest safety standards are adhered to and met every step of the way.

We will also calculate all the materials procurement so that we have accurate and sensible budgets to work from, eliminating the need for any expensive ‘scratching-of-heads‘ problem-solving by the time we begin construction on-site.

Materials & Techniques…

The Treetop Walkway is almost ‘invisible’ in the woodland environment, designed to be nonevasive and work with and through the trees. A safe netted walkway is supported at all times by a certificated steel cable system [EN 15567-1-2015], with soft ropes weaved into the netting for walking along.

We first install a single working cable through the Tree Top Trail route so the qualified and certified Tree Climber team can move seamlessly around the tree canopy on a Zip Wire trolley.

“It’s the 9-5 in the woods, a day on the Zip Trolley hanging between two trees and creating a Treetop Walkway!”

This way, we can move our team, the materials and an installation system into place with minimal impact on the woodland below. Our system doesn’t clear everything below the walkway in order to install, so we can work tree-to-tree above the woodland environment with zero or minimal environmental impact.

Once we have achieved the structural integrity of the Treetop Trail with a pair of equally spaced steel cables in the air between two trees, we can then set a Zip Wire trolley onto each cable so that a pair of Tree Climbers can work together installing the safety netting suspended in a carrier between them.

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treetop walkway

canopy walkway

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tree canopy walkway

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treetop walkway

canopy walkway

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tree canopy walkway

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