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Elevate Your Family Time: The Ultimate Treehouse Experience in Effingham, Surrey

Dreamy Double-Height Split Platform Tree Deck

This project produced the epitome of magical, imaginative play for a family in the heart of Effingham, Surrey.  Treehouse Life has meticulously designed and built a remarkable double-height tree deck platform, perfect for family moments and unforgettable memories.

Treetop Canopy Walkway and Tree Deck: Adventure Awaits

Our expertly crafted tree canopy walkway and tree deck allows its family to fully immerse themselves in nature while enjoying unparalleled views of the stunning Surrey Hills.

Zip Through Woodland Wonderland: Long Woodland Zip Wire

We added extra excitement to this garden treehouse experience with our adrenaline-pumping long woodland zip wire, allowing the whole family to soar through the trees.

Climb and Conquer: Large Scramble Cargo Net

The large scramble cargo net, as featured in this project, offers a fantastic challenge for kids and adults alike, with access to both tree decks and of course the reward of the stunning Surrey countryside when you make it to the top!

Creating Unforgettable Memories in Your Garden Treehouse Playhouse

Treehouse Life is proud to have elevated this family’s garden experience in Effingham, Surrey. Our treehouses and playhouses are designed to provide hours of entertainment and imaginative play, all from an expert bespoke design to fit your garden landscape.  Contact us today to bring your dream garden treehouse to life!

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