Treehouses for Adventure, Fun, Fantasy
and Make-Believe.

The ultimate treehouse wonderland is packed full of hidden opportunities, twists and turns and a
thousand surprises. It opens up a world of breathtaking challenges and exciting possibilities; a
magical place to discover and explore and to develop your senses while you play.


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Children, Kids and Family Spaces…

Our treehouses are uniquely designed and built to the wish lists of families around the world, with hundreds of different design configurations.

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Private Land and Estates…

From stately gardens to 100-acre woodlands, our team work with private landowners to create unique ways to add emotional value to their land.

  • Perfect for larger woodland settings
  • Adds something very special to larger locations
  • Perfect for guests and visitors of all ages
  • Attracts more visitors
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Resorts and Visitor Attractions…

Increase visiting numbers and the give added ‘WOW’ factor with our multi-deck adventure park and playscape treehouses.

  • Treehouses for adventure and play parks
  • Designed for maximum fun and engagement
  • Enhances brand value and family connection
  • Create a competitive advantage
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Outdoor Spaces and Architectural…

Modern outdoor spaces and architectural design can often miss a connection with natural materials. Our team work with architects across the world to design, build and install spectacular treehouse experiences in almost any setting. From communal outdoor spaces to airport lounges.

  • Beautiful bespoke treehouses for any location
  • From hotel grounds to cityscapes
  • Encourages memory-making for all ages
  • Align with wholesome family values
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Crafting your perfect Tree House...

Delivering passion, imagination and creativity

that turns your wish-list into something that has wow-factor.


1-Wish List & Site Visit ⇨

Discover how we can deliver your wow-factor

At the initial onsite consultation, our most important job is always to listen to a client’s wish list – no plans for a treehouse ever comes without exciting hopes and childhood dreams!

Creativity is our speciality, so we are here to help guide clients step-by-step, suggesting ideas and working together to decide upon a design that is fulfilling expectations, yet still logistically possible and within budget.


“Paul really took time to understand what I was looking for. I wanted something very special, magical and unique.”

Anoushka Feiller, Bestique Landscape and Garden Design, Northamptonshire, UK >

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2-Bespoke 3D Design ⇨

Sketched in 3D to view, share and admire

Drawing on our extensive experience, we will help guide you step-by-step through the process, explaining the building logistics and discovering solutions to any possible design you can imagine.

Lastly, it is also our job to meticulously calculate all the materials procurement so that we have an accurate and sensible budget to work with from the start. This saves any expensive scratching-of-heads and problem-solving later on-site.


“Absolutely everything we hoped for and exceeded our expectations.”

Alison Rose, Hampstead London, UK >

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3-Production ⇨

Hand-crafted by our expert team

We know how important it is that every product we introduce should be beautiful, natural and of the very highest quality. We know it must ultimately add that element of wow.

We always purchase the very best materials direct from producers and resource-certificated products. Wherever possible, we design and pre-create build modules in our Surrey Hills workshop to help your on-site budget. And in this time of greater ecological awareness, we always blend our creations seamlessly within your location to ensure there is zero-minimal environmental impact.


“Their attention to detail and sense of pride shines through and is second to none. It looks wonderful and is very well built.”

Joanne Emerson, Sheffield Park & Garden, National Trust >

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4-Build & Install ⇨

By our own expert team...worldwide

Our aim at Treehouse Life is to transform and connect outdoor spaces so that they blend seamlessly with the environment around them. Subtle in design and empathetic to the surroundings, yet still exciting to encourage the sort of magical adventures that makes beautiful play happen.

Our structures are designed to last for many years (and future generations) to come, we also provide a full servicing solution.


“Great build quality, design and finish. Kids are delirious and hopefully they will spend many happy hours in their new treehouse.”

Christian Nellemann, Ascot/Sunningdale, Berkshire, UK >

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5-Wow Factor Delivered ⇨

Every time...for kids, grown-ups and grand-parents

Using our ‘Wow-Factor’ signature products, our experienced and brilliant teams work hard to design and build their client’s dream, whether that might be clambering up into a castle, racing through the treetops or simply relaxing on a knotted rope swing. All places engage the senses and imagination of the young and create a fully natural whole family play time feel.

Whether it’s playtime or relaxation time you’re after, we have the knowledge and the know-how to help you achieve your dreams at a sensible budget.


“Who knew babysitting and child minding could be this much fun.” 

Alison Greenaway, Sussex, UK >

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Treehouses for Adventure…

“For everyone who has ever dreamt of being a superhero in their own action-filled world, an adventure treehouse is just perfect for you ”

The ultimate treehouse wonderland is packed full of hidden opportunities, twists and turns and a thousand surprises. It opens up a world of breathtaking challenges and exciting possibilities; a magical place to discover and explore and develop your senses while you play.

Built for sleepovers and camping out under the trees, an adventure treehouse offers everything from Climbing Walls and Scramble Nets, to Indiana Jones Canyon Bridges, Hammock Bridges, Zip-Wires, Slides and every conceivable rope and swing.

“What child would say NO to a world filled with adventure and intrigue? ”

The Treehouse is now a beautiful feature of the space as well as a magical place for our client's grandchildren to play, it makes us wish we were young again!

Treehouse Design & Build - Petersfield, Hampshire UK

Treehouses for Living…

Perhaps you can picture yourself in a room filled with deep sofas, soft cushions and beautiful fresh flowers; a place where every day feels like a relaxing Sunday morning.

Somewhere quiet to catch up with some work, the perfect setting in which to unwind once the kids are in bed. A chance to enjoy quality time under a blanket of stars.

Or maybe even a simple, yet stylish setting in which to dine alfresco with family and friends, promising an unforgettable atmosphere and memorable evenings. The chance to chat and reminisce, tucked up high in the trees and hidden away under an African thatch.

“What better way to escape the stresses and strains of everyday life, than by creating your own oasis of calm away from an increasingly fast-paced world”

Exceptional customer service from start to finish.

Zoe Fletcher

Treehouse Design & Build - Berkshire, UK

Suspended Treehouses…

Imagine a secret world, hidden away amongst the trees, a place to face new challenges and conquer all your fears. Wooden walkways set high up amongst the tree canopies, snaking through branches and brushing past leaves.

Tree ‘surfing’ offers all of this and so much more. A chance to push all the boundaries and try things you never dreamed you could do. To go up high above the ground, fill your lungs with fresh air and stretch your legs as you run.

An exciting new development from Treehouse Life, these suspended structures provide a safe yet exhilarating way to connect treehouses with platforms, or simply to take the ultimate ‘walk in the woods’.

“Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be Peter Pan, Tarzan or even Jane – able to swing fearlessly through the treetops or fly through the air, whooping with delight? ”

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