We create the ultimate Nest Swing experience by installing on a luxuriously long pendulum…

It is typical to place a Nest Swing in an ‘A’ frame or from a beam (we do this too, as an optional ‘add-on’ to our treehouse projects) but for a really awesome experience and just the best “swinging through the air” sensation we can create a luxuriously long pendulum from a structural line between two trees at tree-canopy height.

One of the strongest childhood memories and perhaps the most endearing feeling that takes you straight back to your younger years is often that of playing on a swing. The “whooshing” noise as you whizz through the air; trying to swing your legs to make you go higher; that reassuring relationship with grown-ups or an older sibling as they push you faster – but always trusting they will be there to slow you down.

For kids it’s all about learning to imagine; for grown-ups it’s all about recapturing their youth; for grandparents it’s all about reminding us what childhood should really be about.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

More about Nest Swings

Size and colour options
Certification and commercial standards
  • All our Nest Swings are tested and approved according to EN1176-1:2008 and EN1176-2:2008 by TÜV SÜD.
  • The stainless steel ring is covered with a cushioning membrane and four strong ropes in USACORD Long-Life 16mm.
Luxuriously long tree-canopy pendulum
Experienced and expert tree-climber install teams
Out 'soft-touch' and 'no injury' Nest Swing
What does a Low Head Injury Criterion of 50g mean...?
RoSPA Swing Installation Requirements

Installation of a Nest Swing and Swing Seats

Swings installation requirements
Dimension and distance requirements
  • Minimum ground clearance at rest of 300mm [400mm for single-point swings and tyre swings].
  • BS 5696-1:1997 [Play Equipment Intended for Permanent Installation Outdoors] – superseded/withdrawn, replaced by BS EN 1176 recommends a maximum height of 635mm for both cradle and flat seats.
  • Distance between seat and swing frame – 20% of swing suspension length + 200mm.
  • Distance between seats – 20% of swing suspension length + 300mm.
  • Seperation of seat suspension lines at the suporting crossbar – width between seat fixings + 5% of swing suspension length.
Installation locations
Free space requirements
Surfacing requirements





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