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Our range of fabricated stainless steel Slides will give you a chance to experience all the thrills and joys that a great slide can offer. Whether taking you from deck to deck or from your treetop treehouse all the way down to the ground, our Slides are all made to measure and also available in double-width for more than twice the fun and group or whole family play.

The possibilities are endless and the options are all there for you to explore. Our approach to including a Slide within a treehouse build project is to design both the journey to the Slide and all that happens after whizzing down. Often to get to the Slide, kids and grown-ups have already adventured across decks and platforms within the trees, across a rope bridge ravine and to a place in the adventure where escaping to the woodland or garden is all part of the make-believe, imagination and playscape.

For kids it’s all about learning to imagine; for grown-ups it’s all about recapturing their youth; for grandparents it’s all about reminding us what childhood should really be about.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

More about our Slides

Stainless Steel Data Sheet
Slide Width Options

Our slides are available in standard 500mm width and ‘double-width‘ 1m wide slides. The larger width takes the slide to a new level of fun, making it a group rather than a solo activity.

In our world of Treehouse Life kids play, it’s all about Adventure, Make-Believe, Fantasy and Fun – the games and imaginations that children can create is so much more fun when it is a group, togetherness, activity – with space on the slide for the whole family.

Slide Height (platform/deck height) Options
  • 900-1000mm
  • 1250-1500mm
  • 1750-2000
  • 2250-2500mm

All our slides have legs which give some contingency on platform height and ground conditions/elevation – we can sink the legs into the ground, set the legs on the ground or even design and build a decking platform for the Slide to come sit on at the run-out.

Horizontal Length Dimensions
Experienced and Expert Install Teams
Guide for Slides to EN 1176 and EN 1177 - Playground Equipment Standard

For Schools, Resorts and Adventure Parks

Slide Definitions
Slides Safety Requirements
Sliding Section
Slide Run-outs
Tunnel Slides
  • Tunnel slides should be a minimum 750mm high and 750mm wide (or circular with a minimum diameter of 750mm).
  • Tunnels should start on or at the end of the starting section and be continuous over the sliding section but not over the run-out.
Free Space

1m radius centred on the mid-point of the slide.

NOTE – Think about the shape of a tin can, this can is held at right-angle to the surface and moved down to give the free space.

Surfacing Requirements

Normal distances except for the run-out should be:

  • Type 1 – Short run-out Slide – 1m each side and 2m beyond.
  • Type 2 – Long run-out Slide – 1m each side and 1m beyond.



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