Big Chunky 4-sided Rope Ladders…

Our beautiful bespoke 4-sided Rope Ladders are yet another of Treehouse Life’s signature accessories. They can be used to provide a stunning spiral ‘staircase’ that stretches up high under a tree platform – leading to a secret hatchway entrance for children to discover. Our Rope Ladders can also be used as an exciting entrance, high up into our Treetop Walkways, either from the ground or from a tree house platform.

Designed using big and chunky with a flat face logs, suspended with ‘kind-to-the-hands’ natural coloured poly-hemp ropes, our Rope Ladders really do create a challenging way to reach your treehouse in the sky.

The possibilities are endless, and the options are all there for you to explore

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Playground Equipment Standard

An Essential Guide to EN1176 and EN 1177 by Wickstead Playscapes

  • Conform to EN ISO 9954 or EN ISO 2307 or have materials and load certificate
  • Ropes used by hands shall have a soft, non-slip covering
Design and Manufacture

The equipment must be suitable for the user and risks should be identifiable by the child. This may require separation by age group.

  • Accessibility: adults must be able to gain access to help children
  • Grip requirements: permitted diameter: 16 – 45mm
  • Grasp requirements: permitted diameter: max. diameter 60mm
Entrapment of head and neck

No head or torso entrapments (a finished dimensional space more than 230mm x 200mm), so a distance between rungs/ropes of greater than 230mm





Bespoke Rope Ladders built and created for play

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Brilliant in his creativity to ensure safe fun whilst giving the whole family a place to become where ever their imagination takes them.

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