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Our bespoke and exciting swing sets, whether incorporated into our tree house designs or built as stand-alone solutions, offer countless possibilities for imagination, laughter and endless play.

Swing seats for treehouses also provide a fun and unique outdoor experience for kids, promoting imaginative play, physical activity, and social interaction.

The possibilities are endless, and the options are all there for you to explore”.

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Guide to EN 1176 and EN 1177 - Playground Equipment Standard

SOURCE: An essential Guide to EN 1176 and EN 1177 by Wicksteed Playscapes

Swing Types
Swing Safety Requirements
  • No all rigid suspension members, solid bar from top to bottom. Design of swing is principally for seated children. Two seats per bay maximum.
  • It is suggested that a cradle and flat swing should not be mixed in the same bay except where an appropriate Risk Assessment has been undertaken.
  • Cradles should be designed so children do not slip through the frame. Single-point swings such as a single-point Nest Swing, a button-seat or Tyre Swing should not twist round each other.
Swing Safety Dimensions
Swing Set and Swings Location
Swings Safety Freespace
Swing and Swing Set Surfacing Requirements

Free height of fall is calculated from the centre of the stationary seat surface at 60° [half swing suspension length + height of swing at rest].

Surfacing distances for swings [forward and back]:

  • Synthetic surface – 0.867 x length of suspension ropes/chains + 1.75m
  • Losse-fill surface – 0.867 x length of suspension ropes/chains + 2.25m

For example, a swing beam coming horizontally from a treehouse at a height of 2.7m:

  • Suspension ropes = distance from pivot points to seat surface at 635mm from ground = 2.065m
  • For a loose-fill surface = 0.867 x 2.065 + 2.25 = 4.04m of surfacing requirement forward and back.

Surfacing side width:

  • Seat width non greater than 500mm – 1.75m minimum [875mm each way from seat centre – 50% each side from seat centre].
  • Seat width freater than 500mm – 1.75m minimum + difference between seat width and 500mm [50% each side of seat centre].
  • Areas for two seats in one bay may overlap providing the distance between seats is 20% of the swing suspension length + 300mm.

Surfacing side width for single-point swings should be a circular area witn a radius equal to the Foreward and Backward figure described above.





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