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Our bespoke Climbing and Bouldering Walls offer a chance to teach children new skills, build their confidence and encourage perseverance. Built to height, they typically ‘wrap’ around our treehouse designs, or are twisted and shaped around existing trees. Designed to give both easy and challenging options, the wall provides a number of ways to climb up into your treehouse, using the coloured resin ‘holds’ that are set into the eased edge timbers.

Available as a ‘stand-alone’ product for schools, Adventure Parks and recreation areas, we can also provide relevant ground surfacing solutions for safe play.

Treehouse Life always designs specifically for the use intended and is sensitive to both RoSPA guidelines and education authority specialists.

Everybody likes a climbing and bouldering challenge, but do you think you have what it takes to use your head and your strength to keep both feet off the ground?

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Climbing & Bouldering Walls are the perfect addition to any family or adventure experience. Build your own wish-list today and our team will prepare some great ideas for you.

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Association of British Climbing Walls - Code of Practice

For Schools, Resorts and Adventure Parks

Fit For Purpose
  • Walls must be fit for purpose.
  • There are three European standards applicable to climbing wall construction: EN 12572 (part 1, part 2 and part 3).
  • Manufacturers should provide the wall with an Operators Manual.
  • Walls and all PPE equipment must be maintained and inspected.
  • Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for inspection type and frequency.The HSE provides practical guidance on how to apply relevant legislation (including WAHR, LOLER, PUWER).
  • Additional guidance is available in the Association of British Climbing Walls Guidelines.
  • All users must be made aware of and accept risks before using the wall.
  • Users must be given the appropriate information to give informed consent.
  • The BMC participation statement is a general statement that climbing is inherently risky, though in many cases the user will require more specific information.
Risk Assessments
  • The operator must have risk assessments for all activities.
  • If the wall employs more than five people, the risk assessment and a corresponding health and safety policy must be written.
  • The HSE provides further guidance on risk assessments. Amongst other things, the risk assessment should cover all climbing activities, instruction and work at height, first aid requirements and child/vulnerable adult protection.
  • Only competent users should use roped walls unsupervised. Novice climbers must be supervised by a competent person.
  • There are different methods for ascertaining competency to climb unsupervised, but in all cases, this should be documented.
  • Novice boulderers must receive a safety induction or be supervised by a competent person.
  • Due to the higher risk of injury from bouldering, the Association of British Climbing Walls recommends a safety induction for any novice boulderer wishing to boulder unsupervised.
Impact Surface
  • All bouldering walls must have impact surface fit for purpose.
  • Walls built to EN 12572 must have appropriate impact flooring.
Working at Height
  • All work at height, including setting, instructing and maintenance of the walls, must have emergency procedures and employ safe working practices at all times.
  • This is a legal requirement under WAHR and LOLER. The HSE provide additional guidance on employer responsibilities.
  • Instruction must be carried out by an appropriately qualified instructor.
  • There are national qualifications available through Mountain Training UK.
  • Qualification through experience is recognised by the HSE as is site-specific training.
  • Operators must take steps to ensure that the general use of the wall and the points above must be monitored and reviewed regularly.
Guide to Surfacing

EN1176 and EN1177 - Playground Equipment Standard...

Surfacing Materials

A variety of materials are allowed, for example, rubber tiles, mats, wet-pour, loose-fills, grass re-inforcement mats etc. Others may be developed. BS EN 1177 now refers only to methods of test, other requirements are in Part 1 of BS EN 1176.

Areas Under 600mm Free-Fall Height

No area requirement under 600mm, although some form of protective surface should be provided.

Use of Grass

Grass may be used up to a fall height of 1.5m providing the risk assessment includes the following:

  • A depth test of 150mm indicates few stones or hard objects.
  • Areas of wear are strengthened.
  • The use of grass surface is monitored.
  • A good surface is maintained (surface layer of ground containing a mat of grass and grass roots).
Dimensions of Impact Area
  • No impact area requirement for under 600mm height of fall
  • From 600mm to 1.5m height of fall = surface distance of 1.5m
  • Over 1.5m height of fall – Take height of fall number, subtract 1.5m, multiply result by 0.667 and add 1.5m, answer is the surface distance, to a maximum of 2.5m.

Example – 2.7m height of fall, surface distance is (2.7 – 1.5) x (0.667) + 1.5 = 2.3m





Climbing and Bouldering Walls for play

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Many thanks to the whole team for creating such a fun, safe area for our grandchildren to play in and explore - it has truly brought another dimension to our lives.

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