Swing Sets

Why stop at just one swing, when the potential for so much more is just a set away?

Our bespoke and exciting swing sets, whether incorporated into our tree house designs or built as stand-alone solutions, offer countless possibilities for imagination, laughter and endless play.

The possibilities are endless, and the options are all there for you to explore”.

What Houzz® says…

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Swing Seat options:

Bespoke timber Swing Seat and poly hemp rope suspension lines.

Rubber Swing Seat and stainless steel chain suspension lines:

  • Extra wide and extra long versions available for children with special needs and adults.

  • With ergonomic security bar to control jump off direction.

  • All rubber seats are EN1176 tested and certified by TÜV.

  • Toddler seats for small children or the physically challenged.

  • Wrap-around belt swing.

  • Tyre Swings.

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