4-sided Rope Ladder Tree-Fort + Hammock Bridge


A playful and fun garden adventure between two trees, climbing upwards through a big chunky 4-sided rope ladder into a little suspended fort and then ‘sky-walking’ through the tree-canopy inside a hammock bridge - for this project to a tree-suspended deck, scramble net and zip wire.

Tree Fort:

A fun little tree-fort with little battlements wrapping the top of a big chunky 4-sided rope ladder in the tree-tops. Leading seamlessly into the tree-top walkway within a garden woodland.

+ Big Chunky 4-sided Rope Ladder:

The 4-sided rope ladder has treated timber rungs in 95 x 95mm square profile timbers supported by natural colour 24mm ‘kind-to-the-hands’ polyhemp ropes giving the playful the opportunity to climb on all four sides and high into the tree canopy, also incorporating little deck platforms to stand and take the view.

+ ‘sky-walking’ Hammock Bridge/Treetop Walkway:

A ‘V’ shaped treetop walkway or ‘hammock bridge’ is suspended floating seamlessly from tree-to-tree on structural steel cables within the garden woodland, reaching high into the tree canopy, both safe and exciting for the whole family. We call it a ‘hammock bridge’ because it’s rather like a huge hammock, you can sit, lay and relax high in the tree canopy!

+ ‘floating’ Tree Deck:

The treetop walkway ‘journey’ brings you to a ‘free-floating’ and suspended tree deck with complete safety balustrade, wrapping two trees. Our ‘signature’ approach is NOT to screw, bolt or nail to the tree itself as this can allow - so it is suspended from high above by structural steel cables and therefore ‘floating’ and anchored to the tree by squeezing two large beams around both trees.

+ Scramble Net and Zip Wire:

An exciting ‘whizz’ for the whole family on a tree-to-tree zip wire line on a rubber seat coming to a brake spring on the descent in a safe step-off landing in the woodland. Nice and easy then to walk back with the zip-seat and climb back up to the tree deck via a ‘U’ shaped scramble net. We introduced a gate on the tree deck between the fun entering the treetop walkway and the excitement zipping into the woods, the parents were delighted to have the opportunity to perhaps have a lock option on the gate so that with a kids party, use of the zip wire would require a parent to be in amongst the fun.

+ ‘branch-hung’ bespoke wooden Woodland Swing

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Project add-ons:

‘climbing’ Big Chunky 4-sided Rope Ladder

imagination’ Tree Fort

‘sky-walking’ Treetop Walkway/Hammock Bridge

‘floating’ suspended Tree Deck

fun’ Scramble Net

whizzing’ Zip Wire

kids favourite’ Woodland Swing


4.75 tonne SWL Screw Pin Alloy Bow Shackles | 24mm Galvanised Rigging Screw (SWL 2.2 tonnes) | Thimbles for 12mm Steel Cable | 12mm Galvanised Steel Cable (7/19 strand) | Stainless Steel Ferrules (swaging) | ‘tree-friendly’ 4T Webbing Slings | ‘soft-to-the-touch’ polyhemp rope-work