Large garden - landscape architect project


As a garden feature, a destination and a source of play this treehouse is just perfect.

“Every treehouse a performance...truly a moment of excellence”

Following a successful Site Consultation we produced 3D model sketch drawings and a detailed budget to meet a wish-list of adventure, make-believe, fantasy and fun between two mature trees within a beautifully landscaped and pristine garden. Working alongside the Landscape Architect we were able to link seamlessly between the formal garden, right within the ‘wow-factor’ view from the house and into two paddocks to the rear.

Imaginatively, we also linked a journey from the treehouse via a treetop walkway directly into a magical hollow within a large and old oak, allowing the children to really imagine a world of fantasy inside the tree and clamber down via a rope ladder.

From large tree-canopy decks to the back of the tree we created a fabulous zip wire out into the paddock with a scramble net to climb back for the next flying whizz through the air. Also, as a special wish (interestingly, for the older children) a ‘grown-up’ swing set, from where many a book has been read in school-work revision.

Key benefits for our client:

→ We worked closely with the Landscape Architect and their team.

→ Inspired positioning, through experience, to link garden, trees and paddocks.

→ Confidence to deliver the ‘wow-factor’ within a £200-500k landscape project.

What the client says…

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Project add-ons:

Treehouse with windows, door and thatched roof

sleep-over’ hammocks inside

Solar-powered, LED lighting

Log Rope Bridge entrance

Stainless steel Slide

Fun Play-Decks

Climbing and Bouldering Wall

Fireman’s Pole

Scramble Net

Zip Wire

Treetop Walkway + Rope Ladder

Garden Swing Set

Hanging Tyre Swing and kid’s Boxing Bag


Timbers used - treated Southern Yellow Pine | Rope work - ‘soft-to-the-touch’ poly hemp | Thatch - flame retardant and waterproof African grass | LED units - stainless steel IP68

Treehouse Life Ltd.