Garden Treehouse - wrapping a Blue Cedar


Spiralling play decks on 9 levels hugging a treehouse within a garden Blue Cedar.

“an emotional space”

Featured in the Financial Times:

Another kind of high-rise” by Simon Busch

Key benefits for our client:

→ Nothing screwed, nailed or fixed to the tree.

→ Elevated views of the lake.

→ Full servicing programme.

What Houzz® says…

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Project add-ons:

Treehouse with windows, door and thatched roof

sleep-over’ hammocks inside and magical fairy lights

grown-ups’ steps leading to large ‘outdoor suppers’ Family Deck

Large wrap-around Scramble Net to Family Deck

Big Chunky 4-sided Rope Ladders

Large double-width stainless steel Slide

Treetop Walkway

Climbing and Bouldering Wall

Rope Bridge entrance

climb-in’ Scramble Net ‘Den’, underneath the Treehouse

Solar-powered LED Treehouse and deck lighting


Timbers used - treated Southern Yellow Pine | Rope work - ‘soft-to-the-touch’ poly hemp | LED units - IP68, stainless steel | Thatch - flame retardant and waterproof African grass

Treehouse Life Ltd.