Groombridge Place Treetops Walkway Experience


The UK’s longest and highest treetop walkway opens at Groombridge Place in Kent.

Walking in a deep within a 2.1m ‘V’ shaped safety netting and tree-to-tree in a free-flowing, suspended and ‘floating’ soft ‘hammock-style’ experience. Wild deer adventuring in the woods underneath whilst in a beautifully relaxed and quiet place to observe nature. The treetops walkway also extends above a woodland playground that provides an extension to Crusoe’s World, a fabulous playground inspired by the TV series Crusoe.

+ Treetops Walkway:

Along the way the adventure journey into the crown of the large oak in a safe environment where there is a magic of being high in the tree canopy of a fantastically majestic tree within a big, huge treetops walkway that is both the highest and longest treetops walkway in the UK.

Experience walking through the trees and past branches, through tree-crowns, long stretches weave and zig-zagging quietly and peacefully through the woodland setting to provide a seamless journey and experience. The walkway is almost invisible, certainly zero-impact and a wonderfully unique way to explore the tree-tops.

Installation of the longest and highest treetops walkway in the tree canopy is with our team of certified tree climbers on ropes to secure the structural steel cables tree-to-tree with tree-friendly webbing slings, they can work within the safety-netting walkway joining awesome trees and woodland locations for 350m and stunning views all the way.

The walkway, like a shard of light through the tree canopy, is an adventure exclusively at one with nature weaving tree-to-tree in the treetops. At its highest point 12m above the woodland floor stretching between two awesome beech trees over 35m length through awesome, wild woodland with epic views.

+ Big Chunky 4-sided Rope Ladder:

At another point, joining two tree-tops walkways with a rope ladder within a fabulous tree with 7 huge boughs in a hidden, secret location within the woods. A suspended big chunky 4-sided rope ladder (8m high) that beautifully drops directly into the centre of this very special tree, surrounded by its 7 boughs and capturing a woodland experience.

From the woodland floor - stepping off the tree platform into the deck-bottomed suspended rope ladder to climb on all 4 sides high into the treetops walkway to join the ‘free-floating’ experience high in the tree-tops.

Installation of a 4-sided Rope Ladder is created from the top downwards with a tree climber suspended on ropes, then the treetop walkway can be brought up to the rope ladder and lashed into place with natural coloured rope to create a seamless journey. The rope ladder reaches high into the trees set in the woodland as a place to enter or exit from the treetops walkway into a woodland glade, otherwise inaccessible through deep woodland growth, so truly a wild and secret woodland location.

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Project add-ons:

‘climbing’ Big Chunky 4-sided Rope Ladder

‘sky-walking’ Treetop Walkway/Hammock Bridge


4.75 tonne SWL Screw Pin Alloy Bow Shackles | 24mm Galvanised Rigging Screw (SWL 2.2 tonnes) | Thimbles for 12mm Steel Cable | 12mm Galvanised Steel Cable (7/19 strand) | Stainless Steel Ferrules (swaging) | ‘tree-friendly’ 4T Webbing Slings | ‘soft-to-the-touch’ polyhemp rope-work