Adventure treehouses

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For those who ever dreamt of being a superhero in their own action filled world, an adventure treehouse is just perfect for you”.

The ultimate treehouse wonderland packed full of hidden opportunities, twists and turns and a thousand surprises. Create a world of breathtaking challenges and exciting possibilities, a place to explore and discover, and to develop your senses while you play.

Built for sleepovers and camping out under the trees, offering everything from climbing walls and scramble nets, to Indiana Jones canyon bridges, hammock bridges, zip wire slides and every conceivable rope and swing.

What child would say NO to a world filled with adventure and intrigue - the chance to conquer the unknown and still have enough energy to live a ‘Treehouse’ life?


“Treehouses for families, 

a place to pretend…


…for adventure, make believe, fantasy and fun”

Living treehouses

adventure | tree surfing | fun | resort | school | self-build | solar

What better place to be able to escape the stresses and strains of everyday life, and discover your own space away from an increasingly fast-paced world”.

Perhaps you can picture yourself in a room filled with sumptuous furnishings and beautiful flowing fabrics; a place where every day feels like a relaxing Sunday morning. Somewhere to catch up with some work, watch a DVD or even chat to friends online.

Or perhaps a romantic garden retreat - the perfect setting in which to unwind once the kids are in bed. To catch up, drink wine and enjoy quality time under a blanket of stars.

Or maybe even a simple, yet stylish setting in which to dine alfresco with your family and friends, promising an unforgettable atmosphere and memorable evenings. The chance to chat and reminisce, tucked up high in the trees and hidden away under an African thatch.

Who would say NO to having such a treetop home away from home - the chance to go somewhere you can always relax, a place to really make the most of your ‘Treehouse’ Life?


Tree ‘surfing’ treehouses

adventure | living | fun | resort | school | self-build | solar

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be Peter Pan, Tarzan or even Jane - able to swing fearlessly through the treetops or fly through the air as you whoop with delight?

Imagine a secret world, hidden away amongst the trees - a place to really make your mark and conquer all your fears. Wooden walkways set up high amongst the tree canopies, snaking through the branches and brushing past leaves. Swinging bridges suspended in mid air, inviting you to take a big breathe; stretch out your arms and cross deep ragged ravines and mountainous terrain, all without ever needing to put you in harms way.

Tree ‘surfing’ offers all of this and so much more. A chance to push all the boundaries and try things you never dreamed you could do. To go up high above the ground, fill your lungs with fresh air and stretch your legs as you run.

An exciting new development from Treehouse Life, these suspended structures, hung as low as 1m and as high as 15m from the ground, provide a safe yet exhilarating way to connect treehouses with platforms, or simply to take the most exciting ‘walk in the woods’ around.


Who would say NO to being able to run through thin air - the chance to touch the tops of the trees and experience the exhilaration of a ‘Treehouse’ life?


Fun treehouses

adventure | living | tree surfing | resort | school | self-build | solar

Imagine a world where all of your dreams can come true

A fun packed, magical treehouse with slippery slides, hidden doors and a surprise around every corner that never fails to excite.

Consider a place where make-believe replaces reality, and fresh air and refreshing ideas finally meet. Imagine a chance to be king of your own castle or a beautiful princess; to fight baddies and slay dragons, or simply to put on your prettiest dress and serve tea to invisible friends.

Picture a world where the air is always filled with innocence, laughter and squeals of delight.

Who could say NO to fulfil their child’s wildest treehouse dreams - the chance to stretch their imagination and let them experience the magic of a ‘Treehouse’ life?


 Resort treehouses

adventure | living | tree surfing | fun | school | self-build | solar

What more could you ask for than a personal luxury resort, hidden away in the privacy of your back garden?

Breathtaking treehouses, boasting bespoke tree decks wrapped around your favourite view. Beautiful lines and quality craftsmanship; sunken bubbling spas and the latest in luxury living, all tucked away under an African thatched roof.

Envision a promising blissful relaxing and tranquil surrounding at the end of every day. A chance for some much needed ‘me time’ in which to pamper your body and soothe your soul.


Who would say NO to a little piece of heaven in your very own backyard - the chance to escape from reality and experience the sheer joy a ‘Treehouse’ life?

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 School projects

adventure | living | tree surfing | fun | resort | self-build | solar

Who said that going to school couldn’t be an adventure everyday?”

With our exciting range of practical and affordable outdoor classrooms and pavilions, children can now sit back, learn and explore the world from the relaxed and imaginative setting of their own treehouse.

Offer students and staff alike the chance to experience the high-life, up close to the tree canopy, while also providing the ultimate in ‘sun shade’ solutions.

With a straightforward ‘one-week build’ and peace of mind gained from knowing we use only the safest, child friendly materials, what better way could there be to embrace an empty space in your school setting? So whether you are looking for a place to learn, play or inspire, why not choose a Treehouse Life treehouse - something that will surely make you the envy of PTA’s and schools across the land.

Who would say NO to installing a sense of adventure, imagination and pride into every child - the chance for them to reach for the stars and experience the opportunities of living a ‘Treehouse’ Life?”


Self-build and add-ons

adventure | living | tree surfing | fun | resort | school | solar

If you think you have what it takes to construct a treehouse, but perhaps don’t have a clue where to begin, why not opt for our self-build service”.

So how does a self-build work? Simple, use our design service to find the perfect treehouse for you, let us supply the right materials and then build it yourself. Alternatively we can supply you with the complete ‘package’ of materials and design elevations, as well as a complete set of comprehensive instructions.

By making the most of our bright ideas, manufacturing experience and technical know-how, we can help to take all of the problems out of the equation. With our extension range of projects and accessories to choose from, you can construct and customise your treehouse in whatever way you want.

While most of the accessories that we offer, such as the scramble nets, swings and slides can be provided to order, some, like our rope bridges and hammock bridges, are bespoke. While this requires us to build them on-site, it certainly doesn’t mean that you are obligated to buy anything else from us.

Our self-build service is a win-win option all round. You can let our creativity offer you a treehouse design that your kids will love, and still take over the title of the world’s best Mum and Dad, as you build something for their childhood that they will never forget.

Can I buy new accessories for my treehouse?

Yes of course. While our designs can help create your dream treehouse, with a little imagination you can truly make it your own.

With a large range of treehouse accessories, all created by our engineers and craftsmen who love to play, you can add a little extra to what we have already built and further enhance your treehouse experience.

With every possible play accessory from bespoke rope products, and exciting bridges, to daring zip wire slides and challenging climbing walls, the opportunities for fun are endless”.


 Solar powered treehouses

adventure | living | tree surfing | fun | resort | school | self-build

Just because the evenings draw in and the stars come out, there is no reason why you still can’t continue to make the most of your ‘Treehouse’ life”.

With our ‘Barefoot Lighting’ range for treehouses, decking and outdoor living, your adventure world, home away from home or luxury retreat can still be beautifully lit and inviting to use. They are 100% safe to use and pose no threat to either the wooden structure of the treehouse or any passing hands or feet.

These stunning ‘hot’ designs and ‘cool-to-the-touch’ lights really are the perfect addition to any one of our treehouses”.