Small garden - Treehouse and Play-set


A fun packed and magical children’s treehouse for discovering how to pretend in the family garden.

“Beautiful for imagination, make-believe & outdoors fun”

Imagine a world where all of your dreams can come true. A fun packed, magical treehouse with climbing bridges, hidden doors and a surprise around every corner that never fails to excite.

A place where make-believe replaces reality, and fresh air and refreshing ideas finally meet. A chance to be king of your own castle or a beautiful princess; to fight baddies and slay dragons, or simply to put on your prettiest dress and serve tea to invisible friends.

Imagine a world where the air is always filled with innocence, laughter and squeals of delight.

Who could say NO to fulfilling their child's wildest treehouse dreams - the chance to stretch their imagination and let them experience the magic of a ‘Treehouse' life?

Key benefits for our client:

→ Custom built and not a ‘generic’ out-of-a-box flat pack.

→ Designed to fit perfectly into a garden space.

→ All timbers treated and guaranteed for at least 15 years.

What Houzz® says…

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Project add-ons:

Treehouse with windows, door and thatched roof

sleep-over’ hammocks inside

Fixed-Beam ‘scramble net’ Rope Bridge

Fun Play-Decks

Rope Ladder

Climbing Wall

Swing Set with two swing seats

Hanging Tyre Swing


Timbers used - treated Southern Yellow Pine | Rope work - ‘soft-to-the-touch’ poly hemp | Resin shaped Climbing Rocks | Thatch - flame retardant and waterproof African grass

Treehouse Life Ltd.