Garden Nest Swing

A suspended garden Nest Swing for the whole family, ‘floating’ amongst trees and wrapped in bushes above the lawn.

“…the swing is absolutely gorgeous, big enough for the whole family”

We were invited to create a “play and relaxation” space within a mature garden, our client didn’t want a ‘treehouse’ or garden building but wished to focus on magic and adventure.

We identified some mature trees randomly placed within the garden space and were able to create a high steel cable line between two trees, using tree-friendly webbing straps. Along this line we found a perfect spot to run a luxuriously long pendulum to a suspended Nest Swing, creating a beautiful position within the garden wrapped by trees and border bushes for the whole family to enjoy a large Nest Swing.

In addition to the Nest Swing we created a small garden border platform, leading to a suspended Big Chunky 4-sided Rope Ladder, Treetop Walkway/’Hammock Bridge’ and a further 4-sided Rope Ladder descent to a small suspended platform. Also, a short and exciting garden Zip Line. The whole system was suspended between two large mature trees with natural timbers, slabbed round logs for the Rope Ladders and ‘invisible’ black safety netting for the tree walkway.

Everything was natural and perfectly blended into the garden, nothing imposed or dropped into an otherwise beautiful and mature garden space. A ‘zero-impact’ solution, sensitively designed, beautifully built and a delighted client.

Key benefits for our client:

→ No frames, buildings or imposed structure.

→ Natural, beautiful and seamless with the surroundings.

→ Whole family adventure and relaxation.

What Houzz® says…

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Nest Swing options:

1.0m diameter in black, blue/red or ‘natural’ hemp coloured

1.2m diameter available in black, blue with red, green or blue

or ‘natural’ hemp coloured

1.45m diameter available in black or blue/red

soft-touch’ Nest Swing with a “really-safe” low HIC-value of less than 50g >

All Nest Swings tested and approved

according to EN1176-1:2008 and EN1176-2:2008 by TÜV SÜD

Stainless steel ring covered with a cushioning membrane and four strong ropes in USACORD Long-Life 16mm

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