“Woodland Treetop Walkways…

…for treehouses, adventure parks and woodland settings”

We design and build Treetop Walkways for walking, sitting and laying in unique and spectacular woodland, high within the treetop canopy...it's what we can 'sky-walking' within a huge 'hammock' style, passive walkway tree-to-tree Tree-canopy Walkway, Tree Hammock and Treetop Trail experience.

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Key material is rope with huge break-load certification - up to 944 tonne linear break-load and entirely rope construction tree-to-tree with no fixings, bolts or any ingress into trees.



Certificated break-loads with big contingency - proven, trusted and tested. Users are always 'wrapped' in walk-on/fall-arrest safety netting with zero fall risk. No harness or safety equipment required by participants.



'no noise' designed in with the experience encouraging 'no-noise' enjoyment - this is NOT a 'Go-Ape’ or ‘thrill-seeking' activity, it is a 'getting-closer-to-nature' experience.



Designed to be 'slow' - not possible to run, chase or hurry - everything is an 'immersed-in-nature' emotional speed rather than all being about physical challenge.


Our typical and usual view of trees is always from the ground - our Tree-top Walkway takes you right into the tree canopy - rekindling and reconnecting with that favourite childhood memory of climbing into a tree”.

Treetop Walkway benefits:

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The whole Tree-top Walkway is intended as a peaceful, quiet leisure activity within a woodland setting.

Designed and intended for low noise, zero impact within the woodland and principally as a new and unique way in which to observe and interact with the birds, trees and woodland fauna.

It is an educational and leisure experience for the whole family within the tree canopy habitat to be used by adults and supervised children, also educational groups under supervision. It is NOT an active system such as 'Go Ape' or a high ropes course and does not require any specific instruction other than safety guidance and the requirement of supervision of children at all times.

  • Broadens a visitors enjoyment of the woodland with a whole new experience.

  • Develop a passive way to educate.

  • Enjoy and view a unique habitat from within the habitat.

  • Enhance family (kids to grand-parents) appreciation of a woodland attraction from an amazing and unique view-point in the trees.

  • Importantly, the whole walkway experience is 'see-through', there are no big structures or 'stilts', the appearance is that people are walking 'on-air' and 'free-floating' between trees.

  • Zero impact to a natural and enchanting environment.

  • New and added-value 'customer' experience to view all that lives in the tree-tops, view trees from their own canopy and view the woodland environment from above.

  • Available through all seasons.

  • Soft, silent, safe and slow.

  • Walk, sit, let-go and lay back with confident freedom within the tree-tops.

  • Surrounded within safety netting at all times from entry at ground-level to high in the trees, weaving from-tree-to-tree high above the woodland 'brush'.

  • Because of the hemp-coloured safety (+ fall-arrest certification) netting - this gets 'lost' against the woodland background and so becomes 'see-through' or 'invisible' and so the visual impact is both magical and low impact.

  • Plenty of 'wow-factor'.

  • A Tree-top Walkway product that looks natural in its setting.

  • Blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

  • Is sensitive to the location, of the highest quality materials and built by inspired craftsmanship.

  • Works and functions - not simply a 'toy' or 'fad'.

  • Cost effective, serviceable and innovative.

  • Delivered by a team that meet all of your standards in a professional and responsive manner.

  • 20-years of experience and projects worldwide, an innate sense of inner-child and packed with passion for imaginative make-believe, fantasy, adventure and fun.

  • Solutions to all the design issues, we have worked out how we will build your Tree-top Walkway and importantly have calculated all the materials procurement so that we have accurate and sensible budgets to work from, without any expensive 'scratching-of-heads' problem solving on-site.

  • A Tree-top Walkway has been designed with consideration for the size and the body weight of the family participants, kids and grown-ups.

  • Any moving parts have been designed to limit or eliminate the risk of any injury.

  • There are no sharp edges.

  • The installation is constructed and the equipment chosen so that openings that can be reached in normal use and do not create entrapment hazards.

  • Free space does not contain any unprotected obstacles that a person manoeuvring or falling might crash into, other than the constituent parts of the Tree-top Walkway or the natural state of the surrounding woodland.

  • It is not possible to undo critical components without a tool.

  • A Tree-top Walkway is designed and intended to be used as a one-way walking journey, with a clearly sign-posted start and finish.

  • Access into and exit from the Tree-top Walkway is from the ground and a ground based platform.

Treetop Walkway projects:

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Exclusive Treetop Walkway ropes, designed in a natural hemp colour.

Designed for high load application where exceptionally low weight is required - making for an excellent wire-replacement rope and our soft-shackles are the perfect replacement for traditional screw shackles for high load application where exceptionally low weight is required.


Hemp-coloured structural rope:

Walk along super-ropes of up to 105mm diameter and up to 944 tonnes certified break-loads (ISO 2307 certified). 8mm super-braid has a certified break-load of 3.4 tonnes and 12mm super-braid has a certified break-load of 8.4 tonnes.

  • Material: Heat-set UHMwPE with polyurethane coating

  • Construction: 12-strand single braid

  • Extreme strength-to-weight ratio

  • 15✘ stronger than steel

  • 20✘ lighter than steel

  • Safer than wire (low recoil)

  • Hydrophobic fibre (no water absorption)

  • Floats

  • Low creep

  • Easy to splice

  • Resistant to kinking

  • Maintains high strength around tight-radius bends

  • Exceptional UV and chemical resistance

  • Abrasion-resistant coating reduces likelihood of snagging and provides superior winch drum grip

  • Low elongation [3% at break]


Our hemp coloured fall-arrest balustrade netting has the following specifications:

  • 45mm mesh netting

  • Material - PP-filament yarn, high tenacity

  • Yarn count - 220 dtex

  • Breaking force in relation to fineness - 7,0cN/den

  • UV stabilisation - 300 kly

  • Mesh breaking strength - 190g/m2

  • Flame retardant, DIN 4102 B1/2

  • Certification can be supplied