Cholderton Charlies Farm Tree Top Trail


A commercial project developing woodland adjacent to a rare-breeds farm and cafe - in one year the Tree Top Trail has tripled paid-for foot-fall to the farm visitor attraction close to Stonehenge, UK.

Project Overview

Cholderton Charlies Farm visitor attraction saw the opportunity to develop an area of otherwise not-much used woodland adjacent to the regular family-farm visitor experience. We developed a 100m Tree-top Walkway experience that takes you into the tree canopy and high above impenetrable bushes and woodland under-growth, creating an exciting 'extension' to a visitor day, something for the whole family discovering together and a real 'wow-factor' woodland experience.

  • A safe environment within safety netting at all times, expertly installed and fully certificated.

  • Available to install tree-to-tree in woodland, with start and finish decking access.

  • Wonderful to walk, but also sit and lay in a relaxed suspended in an experience within the tree canopy that is unique and completely unlike viewing trees from the ground.

  • V' shaped, netted Tree Top Trail at one with nature, in amongst the trees high in the tree canopy with untouched woodland below. A netted soft-space to walk, sit and lay ‘hammock-style’ in a beautiful place in the woods.

Materials & Technique

The tree-top walkway is almost ‘invisible’ in the woodland environment, non-evasive and working with and through the trees. A safe, netted walkway supported by a certificated steel cable system [EN 15567-1-2015], always and at all times within the net, walking along soft ropes weaved into the netting.

We first install a single working cable through the Tree Top Trail route so that the qualified and certified Tree Climber team can move around the tree canopy seamlessly on a Zip Wire trolley. This way we can move team, materials and an installation system into place with minimal impact on the woodland below. Our system doesn’t clear everything below the walkway in order to install, we can work above the woodland environment, tree-to-tree, with zero or minimal environmental impact.

Once we have the structural integrity with a pair of equally spaced steel cables of the Tree Top Trail in the air between two trees, we can then set a Zip Wire trolley onto each cable so that a pair of Tree Climbers can work as a team together installing the safety netting suspended in a carrier between them.

“It’s the 9-5 in the woods, a day on the Zip Trolley hanging between two trees!”

Treehouse Life Add-ons

  • Big Chunky 4-sided Rope Ladder - this provides an access and descent from the Tree Top Trail, a seamless 4-sided Rope Ladder connecting with a ground-based platform below and back to the woodland path.

What the client says…