Kid’s Treehouse and ‘suppers’ Deck


A kid’s treehouse nestled between the garden and a ‘suppers’ family deck, elevated high above River Avon views.

“Grandpa’s favourite fishing location”

A clever and sympathetic design that provides a magical kid’s treehouse at the bottom of the garden and also leads to a ‘grown-ups’ deck perched high above the River Avon. A beautiful place for mum, dad and grandparents to sit and enjoy breathtaking views, whilst the kids immerse into the fantasy and magic of pretend whilst playing in their treehouse.

Key benefits for our client:

→ Safety of gates and fencing to assure the whole family.

→ A small footprint but clever use of space.

→ Adds true value to the property.

What Houzz® says…

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Project add-ons:

Treehouse with windows, door and thatched roof

sleep-over’ hammocks inside and magical fairy lights

grown-ups’ staircase leading to ‘outdoor suppers’ Family Deck

gin & tonic’ balustrade shelf

Table and chairs for family suppers

Treehouse Life Ltd.