Treehouse consultancy…?

While treehouses can always be counted on to bring a sense of adventure, magic and escapism into any family garden, they can also offer a host of different benefits when introduced into a more corporate world.

In this age of environmental awareness, where companies are becoming increasingly more accountable for their own carbon footprint, using treehouses and outdoor living aspirations can now make perfect commercial sense.

For hotels, resorts, eco-tourism and conferencing businesses, to name but a few, a treehouse is not only a very affordable build solution, it offers all of the advantages of utilising available natural resources and saves money by using ‘off-grid’ energy.

With this in mind, at Treehouse Life we have established a worldwide consultancy service - Treehouse Life Consultancy.

We understand that there is now a consumer demand for corporate businesses to respond to, and start providing alternative solutions to how they do business. Whether that may be in the branding of their services or the ‘bottom-line’ of balance sheet business, treehouses are fast becoming the ‘headline’ marketing solution that can relate to the aspirations of their customers.

While a treehouse might not at first seem like the obvious choice or a very ‘business like’ way to go, commercial and corporate businesses would be wise to recognise the emotions that they can bring out in everyone, and then use this knowledge to help improve their businesses further.

At Treehouse Life Consultancy, we can tap into this powerful emotion, and through our consultancy service, deliver persuasive ‘design to balance sheet’ solutions which can help to you realise your big ideas and help your organisation experience”.