Hampstead garden Nest 'seat'

A ‘floating’ garden Nest ‘seat’ in a small Hampstead garden.

“…I couldn’t be happier”

From a single but structurally sound tree emerging from a lovely decked area across the rear of a small Hampstead garden backing onto the heath, there was the opportunity to suspend a beautiful nest ‘seat’ in a pool of sunshine, creating the perfect location in the garden to sit, ‘float’ and relax - also create a beautiful focus and feature in the garden above the deck viewed from the house.

Key benefits for our client:

→ Perfect location ‘floating’ seat.

→ Natural, beautiful and seamless with the surroundings.

→ Whole family relaxation and a special place.

What the client says…

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Nest Swing options:

1.0m diameter in black, blue/red or ‘natural’ hemp coloured

1.2m diameter available in black, blue with red, green or blue

or ‘natural’ hemp coloured

1.45m diameter available in black or blue/red

soft-touch’ Nest Swing with a “really-safe” low HIC-value of less than 50g >

All Nest Swings tested and approved

according to EN1176-1:2008 and EN1176-2:2008 by TÜV SÜD

Stainless steel ring covered with a cushioning membrane and four strong ropes in USACORD Long-Life 16mm

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