Our 'soft-touch' Nest Swing

We can supply and install a ‘soft-touch’ Nest Swing at 1.2m diameter in black/red colours for use with small children with a low HIC-value of less than 50g.

This is a great bit of kit perfect in commercial playgrounds and in particular for private garden clients where often there can be a big range of child ages, not only of your own children, but when they have all their friends over and ‘bigger’ kids are romping around with ‘smaller’ kids, naturally all wanting to play together.

The awesome size of the Nest Swing means that it can be all about imaginative group play - which, of course, is a big wish in your garden - particularly when installed by us with a luxuriously long pendulum from a high, tree-canopy, suspension point on a cable or rope between two trees. With the excitement and thrill of such a “wow-factor” play and relaxation swing within the garden, it seems a sensible idea to install one of our ‘soft-touch’ Nest Swings for a parental ‘feel-good’ in your own garden space.

We have done some research to explain what ‘a low HIC-value of less than 50g’ means, we love digging a little deeper and knowing that we can offer a greater and more informed benefit to our clients, as an option. There is lots of research across all areas of possible head injury, but the following notes give a brief summary.

All existing playground safety standards throughout the world limit the maximum impact caused by a fall to a deceleration of 200g and/or a Head Injury Criteria (HIC) of 1000. At a HIC of 1000, there is an 18% probability of a severe head injury, a 55% probability of a serious injury and a 90% probability of a moderate head injury to the average adult. The Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) introduced an anatomically-based coding system to classify and describe the severity of specific individual injuries. AIS codes range from 0 (no injury) to 6 (fatal injury). 50g has an AIS level of zero and an injury description of ‘no injury’.


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