Santa's favourite treehouse...

Inspiring fun and creating make-believe is something we do best, and at Christmas, in conjunction with Santa Claus; we had the opportunity to help one client create some particularly memorable treehouse magic for his own lucky grandchildren.

With the kids ranging in ages from 8 months to 8 years, one of the challenges faced on this project was making sure that not only was the treehouse exciting yet safe, but that it also stretched the boundaries and captured the imagination of them all.

The beautiful bespoke design started out with a magical Rope Ladder to a deck - where the handcrafted treehouse, complete with solar lighting and window views, lay hidden amongst the leaves. Stepping out of the treehouse, five ‘hide-away’ decks wrap the treehouse getting higher and higher with Climbing Walls, a Fireman’s Pole, Scramble Net, even a wobbly-bridge within a deck and finally a large stainless steel Slide exit to the ground, creating plenty of circular play for all, including a Tyre Swing underneath the treehouse and an outdoors boxing bag.

For the more able and adventurous amongst the grandchildren, a 15m-hammock bridge was suspended 2.4m in the air and wrapping a tree, allowing the chance to run through treetops to a nearby magnificent Southern Yellow Pine - a tree of the same timbers used in the project. From here, high up amongst the branches, a big chunky 4-sided rope ladder leads back down to the ground.

A further challenge faced by the project was the small matter of building a treehouse in a Grade One Listed garden. Using the help and support of a professional architect consultancy (all part of the Treehouse Life service), planning permission was successfully granted in less than 6 weeks, with the only stipulation being that the structure must blend in with the surrounding trees.

By the project completion, the treehouse timbers blended in so perfectly that the client is now considering seeking planning permission to stain ALL the trees in his garden to match the beautiful natural colours we produced!

Proof that not only do we always work hand-in-hand with the natural environment, but sometimes we even give Mother Nature a little helping hand!

Of course the final challenge of this ‘Top Secret’ project was disguising the surprise from many curious little eyes - a problem that we overcame by ‘wrapping’ the treehouse every night. Sure enough, the magic held until Christmas morning, and the new adventure wonderland was met with the excited cries of “Look what Santa brought for us Grandpa!

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