Interesting enquiries #4

We are a start-up looking to provide a luxury Glamping experience in North Carolina, USA. We break ground on our first project next week and have three more projects in the pipeline. They all feature water and 3 of the 4 would benefit from constructing a pedestrian-only bridge spanning 30-40 feet. With an elevation change, it appears one of your suspension bridge systems would be a fit.

Our questions are 20 fold :) In other words, we have a lot of questions...

We are not a one-off product, our intention is to scale. Cost does not necessarily play a factor in this first project, but will in future projects. Is there a rule of thumb cost associated with a suspension bridge? We have no municipality involvement with a foot bridge, no inspection requirements, but safety and liability is a concern, obviously. Your Seychelles project looks like exactly what we want.

Being that we are stateside (don't hold that against us), could we organize receiving plans based on photos and videos, maybe the shipped ropes and deal with the lumber locally? Or does it make sense to be a one-stop shop and you ship everything prefab (assuming that is what you do?) - walk me through this process.

Treehouse Life Ltd.