Interesting enquiries #1

We operate Landmark Forest Adventure Park in Carrbridge Highlands Among other things here, we built one of the first nature trails in the UK (1970) and followed that with one of the first treetop-trails anywhere in 1982 and we still have it (a refurbished version) open to our visitors. We are thinking about building something higher and more adventurous while still being fully accessible to wheelchairs and standard buggies. Height to be 12 - 15 metres with a length of around 150 metres although this may change depending on how high the start position is. We are thinking of a mainly suspended walkway slung between platforms mounted on and all mainly cabled to groups of pine trees.

We would also like to incorporate some adventure elements for those who wish to challenge themselves - net tunnels, glass platform, balance beam, shaky walkway etc.

All would need to be engineered and certified for public pedestrian unsupervised access as part of a Nature Trail.

Treehouse Life Ltd.