Guarantees and service

  • We can provide a full Installation Services Terms and Conditions as a PDF for your consideration and signature upon order. This is a ‘normal’ and ‘standard’ paperwork available at any time.

  • We have Employers, Public Liability and Product Insurance, we can provide copies of certificates and written details of cover.

  • We are fully qualified and certificated with all tree-climbing work, also fully certified with ITC Awarded 16-hours Outdoors First Aid Course.

  • We are delighted to provide, as part of your paperwork, written details of the producer guarantees regarding the pressure treatment and all certifications regarding the provenance of all timbers from environmentally and sustainably managed forests. All our timbers have FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certification promoting the responsible management of forests worldwide.

  • The obvious ‘bespoke’ nature of the product design for this particular project brief is subject to local conditions and circumstances. We will discuss everything with you at all stages and happy to be subject to ‘sign-off’ with any decisions, as required.

  • Our workmanship is fully guaranteed and provided with experience, judgement and open discussion. Subject to local conditions we are at the mercy of weather patterns and geographic circumstances that will be based upon your local knowledge and experience.

  • All information, design and consultation is supplied both within this proposal and otherwise in discussions and consultation strictly on the basis that all intellectual property [including our design solution] remain the property of Treehouse Life at all times and in perpetuity.

  • We reserve the right to photograph your project both in installation and completion for our own internal documentation and servicing, also for use in our own Treehouse Life Ltd marketing and communication with our clients both now and into the future.