Ambition, passion + approach
  • We listen to your imagination, discuss and seek to understand through consultation.

  • We explore your initial ideas and wishes and then deliver our experienced ‘systems’, knowledge and know how...we never ‘over-sell’.

  • We give solutions that deliver simple, natural designs at sensible prices.

  • We deliver plenty of ‘wow-factor’.

  • An awesome solution and product that looks natural in its environment.

  • Is sensitive to the location, of the highest quality materials and built by inspired craftsmen.

  • A product that works and functions - not simply a ‘toy’.

  • Cost effective, serviceable and innovative.

  • Delivered by a team that meet all your standards in a professional and responsive manner.

  • 20-years of experience and projects worldwide, an innate sense of inner-child and packed with passion for imaginative make-believe, fantasy, adventure and fun.

  • Solutions to all the design issues, we have worked out how we will build your Rope Bridge and importantly have calculated all the materials procurement so that we have accurate and sensible budgets to work from, without any expensive ‘scratching-of-heads’ and problem solving on site.

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How we do it

Through experience we understand your wish for a play-journey, the importance of family time together and the desire for natural, beautiful products that always add ‘wow’ to your location.

We purchase the very best materials direct from producers, resource certificated products and understand the advice of RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) for safe and imaginative play.

Wherever possible we dig-deep into our experience to design and pre-create built ‘modules’ in our Surrey Hills workshop so that our imagination can then flow seamlessly in your location to help your on-site budget.

We have experienced all contingencies many times before, so we really know what we are doing.

We can offer fully serviced bespoke services and project management through to fully supported self-build packages.

All our ideas and the reality of what we create blend seamlessly within your location with zero-environmental impact, life-long dreams and memories delivered.

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Why choose us

We deliver a design and build quality that enhances a natural experience that encourages engagement with nature's seasons and builds a sense of ‘ownership’ for children, parents and grand-parents in their world of imagination and purpose.

We can also provide a full servicing solution. As installers of a unique design and a product that is integral to our niche products, we recommend that Treehouse Life Ltd.undertake and/or manage an annual servicing schedule.

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Guarantees and service

Treehouse Life Ltd have Employers, Public Liability and Product Insurance, we can provide copies of certificates and written details of cover.

Treehouse Life Ltd.are fully qualified and certificated with all tree-climbing work, also fully certified with ITC Awarded 16-hours Outdoors First Aid Course.

We are delighted to provide, as part of your paperwork, written details of the producer guarantees regarding the pressure treatment and all certifications regarding the provenance of all timbers from environmentally and sustainably managed forests. All our timbers have FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certification promoting the responsible management of forests worldwide.

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