Design and Build

Treehouse Life Ltd. are a “small business with a global niche”, we design and build for clients throughout the UK and worldwide including private gardens, landscapers and architects, also schools, estates, resorts and hotels.

We design with an instinct for imagining a whole project, how it will look and feel within the location to blend seamlessly with surroundings. Usually at a site consultation our job is to listen to a clients wish-list and then guide the reality towards perhaps a particular budget and something that is possible to build. We find it easy to give ideas, but also we are good at explaining the possible and guiding a journey through a complete project.

With bespoke and custom projects, most of our build is on-site - it’s how we achieve something that looks and feels as though it belongs, as though it lives in its location and that its loved there forever. With a completed project, it should not look as through it has imposed on its surroundings and been simply ‘plonked’ there by some sort of pre-fabricated, flat-pack, brochure kit.